DigiToads Investors Expect 10X As MicroStrategy Stock Likely To Benefit From Bitcoin Halving

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MicroStrategy is a software company that focuses on mobile software, business intelligence (BI), and cloud-based services. It is headquartered in Virginia, the United States. The company’s co-founder and executive chairman, Michael J. Saylor, is a big Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiast and was instrumental in the company’s early adoption of Bitcoin. In August 2020, before the bull run, MicroStrategy made headlines by announcing its purchase of 21,454 Bitcoin (BTC) as part of its capital allocation strategy.

Since then, MicroStrategy has continued its endorsement and investment in Bitcoin (BTC), using it as a treasury reserve asset. Currently, MicroStrategy’s balance sheet contains 152,333 Bitcoin (BTC) with a current valuation of $4.6 billion, representing the private company with the highest Bitcoin (BTC). In light of this, the upcoming halving of Bitcoin (BTC) in April 2024 will likely benefit MicroStrategy’s stock price, which is poised to reach $430 from the current price of $413.

Amidst this, DigiToads, the emerging token with a strong community, is expected to increase by 10x. Read along as we dive deeper into DigiToads’ ecosystem and its significant growth potential.

DigiToads: An investment with 10x gains in the coming months

DigiToads has garnered attention and taken the spotlight with its unique combination of fun-themed meme tokens and strong use cases of utility tokens. As a lighthearted meme coin, DigiToads has appealed to meme coin enthusiasts, while as a utility crypto spanning NFT and P2E, it has attracted NFT collectors and gamers. This has immensely contributed to its presale success, with $6 million raised so far and counting.


DigiToads will roll out its TOAD NFT Collection, a collection of 3,500 NFTs expected to compete with established NFT collections. Through the platform, NFTs will be minted using the utility token. Its NFT staking, which will allow holders to earn residual income from staking, will be launched on August 21.

Additionally, DigiToads will launch a fascinating Web3 game where players can gather, nurture, and earn rewards by battling DigiToads in its Swamp arena. The utility token will be employed to nurture DigiToads, which are digital companions, and for other in-game purchases.

The aforementioned, in addition to DigiToads’ low supply of 585 million tokens and deflationary tokens, will play significant roles in its increase by 10x. In addition, the token launch, scheduled for August 21, will propel it, with investors predicted to expect 10x gains, according to industry experts.

The presale is ongoing, in stage 9, and will end on August 15. As of press time, a token costs only $0.047 and will increase to $0.05 in stage 10, the final stage. You can participate in the presale via the link below and connect your wallet for the purchase.

The upcoming halving of Bitcoin (BTC) will propel the crypto landscape in an uptrend

The upcoming halving event of Bitcoin (BTC) has been predicted to be a bullish indicator, with the entire crypto landscape expected to benefit from it. The excitement has been building up as Bitcoin has been on an uptrend in anticipation of the halving event.

The event, which will be Bitcoin’s fourth halving, is expected to occur in April 2023 and will see miners’ rewards halved to 3.152 per block. Bitcoin is expected to rally as it has done during previous halvings, with MicroStrategy expected to be one of the top gainers. Its share price has been predicted to soar due to its large Bitcoin reserves.

Final Thoughts

While MicroStrategy’s stock has been predicted to soar in anticipation of Bitcoin’s halving, DigiToads promises its investors 10x gains. Investors are eagerly anticipating the launch next month, and with some time left before it happens, we suggest you check it out below.

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