Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) Framework Officially Approved in the US

Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are now legally recognised as businesses entities in the state of Wyoming, US.

The passing of the bill that took effect on July 1 has been praised by Wyoming’s Secretary of State, Edward Buchanan, as another step for the state to remain on the cutting edge of business technology.

The Merchant Advisory Group (MAG), which represents 165 of the largest merchants in the US, also expressed its support of the DAO filing.

Shortly afterwards, the American CryptoFed DAO was officially the first to be legally recognised as a distinct form of limited liability company (LLC). American CryptoFed is aiming to create “a monetary system with zero inflation, zero deflation, and zero transaction costs”, looking to stabilise currency and be immune to government votes on changing resource values as a separate entity.


Ideally we’ll see more money put into the coffers of local governments in a way that then allows them to hopefully fill more potholes and do more kinds of projects, without having that cut into their profitability of that transaction.

Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming

What Is a DAO?

The developers of the DAO believed they could eliminate human error or manipulation of investor funds by placing decision-making power in the hands of an automated system and a crowd-sourced process, which drastically lowers management costs.

By using a open-source blockchain protocol governed by a set of rules, which were created by its elected members, it can automatically execute certain actions with smart contracts without the need for intermediaries checking if requirements have been met.

Participants are not obligated by a legal contract, but rather incentivised by rewards in the form of native asset tokens that help them work towards a unified goal. Decentralised exchange (DEX) platforms such as Compound (COMP), (YFI) and Uniswap (UNI) are dependent on DAOs for governance. 

Wyoming, the Most Crypto-Friendly State in the Union

This move is another demonstration of Wyoming trying to lead the way as the most crypto-friendly state in the US. Its Senate representatives have made it very clear that they are crypto-positive and have already passed 23 laws to clear up regulation around digital assets and related fields, including crypto mining.

Major crypto companies Ripple and Kraken have both set up operations there, along with 50 smaller LLCs with “bitcoin” in their names. 

Wyoming is the leading digital assets jurisdiction in the USA, and now with this DAO law, Wyoming is arguably the top blockchain jurisdiction in the world.

Marian Orr, CEO, American CryptoFed DAO

The state has been busy trying to attract companies that play a role in the crypto or blockchain industry, especially bitcoin miners.

Robert Drage

Robert Drage

Robert is a freelance researcher, with a background in information science currently interested in blockchain technology and technical developments in the field.

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