A beacon of truth in the cryptocurrency market – case #9 revealed

By Cointelegraph December 12, 2023 In Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies
Chromia migrates ‘My Neighbor Alice’ to shared appnet for season 4 launch

December 12th, 2023 –, renowned for its unwavering commitment to truth and transparency in the cryptocurrency market, has once again made a significant impact with the publication of Case #9 and #10. These latest revelations uncover, among others, the alarming practices of a Doxing firm, in exploiting major crypto exchanges, by linking user emails to private blockchain addresses, a clear violation of their terms and conditions highlighting the platform’s role as a vital watchdog in the industry.

Exposing unethical practices

Our investigations reveal a troubling breach of user privacy, linking user emails to private blockchain addresses on Binance and FTX. This finding underscore’s crucial role in safeguarding the cryptocurrency community against unethical practices.


Since its inception, has been a transformative force in the cryptocurrency market, gaining extensive coverage from top-tier media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and other selected crypto platforms. By consistently telling truth to power, the platform has fostered a culture of accountability and integrity, encouraged more ethical business practices and enhanced user trust in the crypto ecosystem. Thus, for instance, in one of the most significant revelations in the cryptocurrency world in recent years, uncovered that a leading blockchain platform disrupted competitors and misdirected regulators through litigation.

Call to action appeals to the public, especially those with insider knowledge, to come forward with any information related to this case or any other related content. Our platform is dedicated to uncovering the truth and bringing transparency to the cryptocurrency industry. We believe it is essential to expose unethical practices to protect the community and uphold the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.


We urge responsible parties, including investors, board members and other stakeholders, to intervene and safeguard the interests of cryptocurrency users. A thorough investigation is necessary to determine the full extent of these practices and to prevent future breaches of privacy.

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Chromia migrates ‘My Neighbor Alice’ to shared appnet for season 4 launch
Chromia migrates ‘My Neighbor Alice’ to shared appnet for season 4 launch

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