Crypto Whale With $158,180,000 Worth of Chainlink Starts Sending LINK to Binance: Lookonchain

By The Daily Hodl December 01, 2023 In Binance, Chainlink, Ethereum
Source: Lookonchain/X

A crypto whale who accumulated huge amounts of Chainlink (LINK) in the last two months is now making another big move, on-chain data shows.

According to blockchain tracking service Lookonchain, the deep-pocketed investor used 81 different wallets to build up a massive holding of 11 million LINK.

Now, the whale just moved 1.92 million LINK to the leading crypto exchange Binance.

“The whale, which accumulated ~11 million LINK ($80.32 million) via 81 wallets in September and October, has started depositing LINK to Binance since November 22nd.


The whale has deposited 1.92 million LINK ($27.8 million) to Binance and will make ~$14 million after selling.”

Source: Lookonchain/X

Top blockchain oracle provider Chainlink is trading for $14.38, at time of writing, up 1.5% in the past seven days. The whale’s holdings at the current LINK value, including the deposit on Binance, increased in value to about $158.1 million since the approximate $80 million purchase.

Next up, Lookonchain notices another crypto whale accumulated a huge amount of Ethereum (ETH) earlier this month when the leading smart contract platform was trading in the $1,800 range and the trader now just sold off an even larger amount as ETH trades above the $2,000 level.

“A whale dumped 3,150 ETH ($6.37 million) [on Thursday] at an average price of ~$2,023, making ~$546,000. The whale bought 2,762 ETH ($5.04 million) on November 2nd at an average price of $1,825.”

Source: Lookonchain/X

Ethereum is trading for $2,036 at time of writing, down slightly in the past 24 hours.

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