Crypto Twitter Outraged by Tai Lopez’s NFT Collection, Described as ‘Ridiculous Cash Grab’

By Lauren Claxton March 08, 2022 In NFTs, Scams

Entrepreneur, investor and internet personality Tai Lopez has come under fire this week over his latest NFT collection, which is accompanied by questionably expensive opportunities to meet Lopez. Twitter has uncovered some damning information about the project and has labelled it a “ridiculous cash grab”:

Crypto Influencers Arc Up Over Tai Lopez’s NFTs

Tai Lopez’s ‘OG (Original Garage) Social Club’ NFT collection is “personality-based”, meaning some of the options available to investors include opportunities such as watching a movie with Lopez or shadowing him in his office – for a fee. However, the extreme prices of the actual NFTs are drawing the most extreme reactions from a lot of crypto influencers.

Prominent crypto user @Ox_Beans accused Lopez of immediately siphoning funds to his team’s wallet once an investor mints:


Lopez’s reputation is also being called into question, with many suggesting he may have a inflated sense of his own importance. @EddyisKongz was one of the first to question the sky-high pricing of the OG NFTs and Lopez’s associated inducements:

OG Social Club has also been running several “giveaways”, yet concerns have been raised about their legitimacy with some of the “winners” failing to get a response from Lopez’s secretary. If you’d like to know more about the OG project, check out the video below:

NFT Scams and Rug Pulls

Unfortunately, the NFT industry is rife with dodgy behaviour and the community remains the primary defence. This was seen in mid-February when YouTuber “Coffeezilla” explained how he and a group of crypto users had prevented an alleged scam involving US$20 million.

Earlier this month, NFT project “Pixelmon” disappointed investors who had pooled US$70 million when the release failed to live up to pitch quality. The result was crashing floor prices, which led investors to label the project as “pretty much a rug pull”.

Lauren Claxton

Lauren Claxton

Lauren is currently a freelance writer with experience in finance writing. She has a growing interest in the metaverse and all things NFTs and expects to graduate in 2022 with bachelors degrees in creative writing and public relations.

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