‘Crypto Mona Lisa’ Signed by Vitalik Buterin to be Auctioned on Aussie NFT Platform

By Phil Stafford July 21, 2021 In Australia, Crypto News, NFTs

CryptoMother, aka the ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’, a much sought-after 2017 painting signed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, is to be auctioned on Australian non-fungible token platform NFT STARS on July 30.

The iconic painting by Russian artist Aleksandra Eliseeva, an oil on canvas measuring 100cm x 100cm, is part of a collection entitled “Art of Blockchain”, whose owner has decided to put it back on the market after rejecting several lucrative offers over the years. 

Seller to Cover Shipping Costs

The successful bidder will receive the original portrait together with its NFT, and the painting will be shipped by a specialist transportation company with costs covered by the seller.

CryptoMother has captured the imagination of digital art collectors over the past four years. In 2018, a US millionaire offered the current owner US$6 million for it but was declined “on ideological grounds”.


The painting is the centrepiece of the “Art of Blockchain” collection, consisting of five NFT artworks and their original oil paintings – the others are Miss Coin, CryptoFather, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. All five pieces in the collection will be auctioned on the same day.

Part of Proceeds to Go to Charity of Buyer’s Choosing

The current owner of the collection has stated that part of the auction proceeds will be donated to a charity organisation determined by the buyer.

NFT STARS expects to hit several records with its July 30 drops. While each piece is unique, the entire collection represents the core values and aspirations of the crypto community.

By way of perspective, in March popular digital artist Beeple bagged over US$60 million from the sales of his 5,000-day digital art collection. And last month, Hobart’s Museum of Art & Philosophy (MAP) launched Australia’s first NFT gallery in the Tasmanian capital. 

Phil Stafford

Phil Stafford

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