Crypto Exchange Binance Announces Upcoming Listing for New Low-Cap Altcoin Project

By The Daily Hodl December 12, 2023 In Binance, BNB, Cryptocurrencies, Trading

Top global crypto exchange Binance is about to list a new gaming-related altcoin project, according to the company.

In a new announcement, Binance says that it will add Fusionist (ACE) to its Launchpool platform, which allows users to stake coins in exchange for new ones.

ACE is the native token of Endurance, a decentralized gaming and social blockchain, which Fusionist, a Web3 AAA game, will use as its mainnet.

Staking of ACE is expected to start Wednesday, Binance says, and open trading of the altcoin could begin December 18th.


When launched for open trading, Binance says it will attach a seed tag to ACE. Tokens with a seed tag will require users to pass quizzes every 90 days to ensure they’re aware of the risks before trading the tokens.

“Users will be able to stake their BNB and FDUSD into separate pools to farm ACE tokens over five days, with farming starting from 2023-12-13 00:00 (UTC).

Binance tentatively set to list ACE at 2023-12-18 06:00 (UTC) and open trading with ACE/BTC, ACE/USDT, ACE/BNB, ACE/FDUSD, and ACE/TRY trading pairs. The Seed Tag will be applied to ACE.”

Binance says that ACE is the 40th project it is adding to the Launchpool platform.

According to Binance, the total token supply for ACE is 147,000,000. The launch pool rewards will total 10,290,000 ACE or 7% of the total token supply. The initial initial circulating supply of ACE is 21,969,520, or 14.95% of the total token supply.

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