Increase MCO Visa Card Staking Requirement and Decrease Referral Bonus

By Crypto News Bot November 06, 2020 In Crypto Debit Cards

On October 23rd announced they have increased the staking requirements for their MCO Visa Cards.

The MCO Red card staking requirement is now 2,500 CRO tokens instead of 1,000 CRO tokens. Not a huge increase for the lower tier cards.

  • 2,500 CRO = approximately $270 AUD
  • 1,000 CRO = approximately $110 AUD

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Decreases Referral Bonus

They also have decreased the MCO card referral bonus from $50 USD down to $25 USD.


Netflix Rebate Increased

The Netflix rebate has been increased to $13,99 USD per month.

New Card Shipping Delays and Out of Stock

Some users have reported that there has been serious delays in receiving their cards. And I personally have upgraded my card from Red to Purple, only to be told they are currently out of stock with no ETA.

Further reading: MCO VISA Debit Card Review.


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