Crypto Banter Tells Followers It’s Too Late to Ape Into AI, Says Do This Instead

By Aaron Feuerstein February 21, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
  • Ran Neuner highlights the significance of decentralised GPUs for AI development in the upcoming crypto bull run.
  • Despite the emphasis on GPUs, Neuner reveals an even more compelling narrative in decentralised data storage.
  • Neuner reveals his top picks for capitalising on these narratives.

GPU Narrative Will Dominate Bull Run

Ran Neuner believes the GPU narrative for the coming crypto bull run is going to be significant due to the integral role of decentralised computing power in AI development. He told his viewers in his latest YouTube video that the increasing demand for AI model rendering outstrips the available computing power, making decentralised GPUs essential.

Decentralised GPUs, decentralised computing power is actually a massive, massive, massive narrative.

Ran Neuner

Crypto Banter says projects like Aioz Network (AIOZ) and Akash (AKT) are evidence of the burgeoning narrative—anyone invested here could have easily made 600% gains—of course, hindsight is 20/20 (at least in parts, some of it may be cognitive bias).  

Banter argues that the scarcity of GPU power can only be addressed through crypto, transforming decentralised GPU farms from a speculative idea to a critical infrastructure for AI and crypto integration.

Source: Crypto Banter/ YouTube

One Narrative Is Bigger Than GPUs Though

But that wasn’t what Neuner wanted to talk to people about. In fact, he says AI and especially the GPU narrative has already seen a lot of gains. The actually exciting sector, which is just evolving right in front of our eyes—at least if Banter is to be believed—is decentralised data storage.


Yes, despite the massive, massive, massive GPU narrative, the file storage narrative is also expected to lead to a “crazy, crazy, crazy run.”

I think that that is a narrative that hasn’t yet run, that is about to go on a crazy, crazy, crazy run. It may be time for the fastest narrative to catch up to the market.

Ran Neuner

He played a clip of Arthur Hayes who explained that to run AI you need decentralised computing power (GPU) plus reliable storage—aka decentralised data storage.

But why is it such a big deal? First, data stored decentralised is much cheaper than for example via Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.

Source: Crypto Banter/ YouTube

Another drawcard for decentralised storage is privacy, as data is not shared with huge companies.

Neuner believes this narrative still has a huge uptick in price ahead of itself.

What are Neuner’s Picks?

The top three coins in the sector? Internet Computer (ICP), Filecoin (FIL) and Arweave (AR). The Crypto Banter host did not specify why he avoids Siacoin (SIA) and others, but he mentioned that some of the tokens he avoids investing in are from the last cycle.

Admitting the ICP is not technically a pure storage network, but rather a full Internet Computer with file storage, Neuner says these coins have not had significant gains, which is why he has bought into them—admittedly a while ago, which explains why he has already made some gains. Something to keep a watchful eye on—if an influencer says that a project is hot but has already made gains in it—that could be raising some red flags.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that these are bad projects or even bad investments. Especially Arweave has had some very exciting developments which you can read about over here.

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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