Crypto Analysts Upbeat for 2024 After a Year of Building in 2023

By BeInCrypto January 01, 2024 In Cryptocurrency, Market Analysis

As we enter 2024, numerous crypto analysts are anticipating and speculating on the outlook for the new year, predominantly expressing an optimistic sentiment and outlook.

Several analysts pointed towards a potential for a bull market in 2024.

Crypto Analysts Forecast Potential Outlook

Crypto analysts actively predict the potential outlook for the crypto market in the upcoming year through various social media posts.

Meanwhile, Byron.loopring.eth, shared with his following of 42,900 on X (formerly Twitter), shared that 2023 involved significant groundwork. He foresees 2024 as potentially witnessing one of the most extensive adoption cycles of crypto ever:


“2023 was a year of building in preparation for what could be one of the largest adoption cycles of crypto ever – where the early majority comes aboard.”

Additionally, he incorporated a graph to assert the current position of the crypto market. This was in an effort to show the potential for early investors to enter the market.

Crypto Adoption Diagram. Source: Byron.loopring.eth

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Crypto Analysts Hopeful For Positive Year Ahead

Meanwhile, to her 457,000 followers, Lady of Crypto expressed her hope for a positive year ahead. She acknowledges the challenges faced by crypto enthusiasts in the past two years:

“We lived through the hell that was 2022. The boringness that was most of 2023. And now 2024 is going to bring us MASSIVE GAINS.”

However, on the flip side, MMCrypto shared with his 1.3 million followers the five cryptocurrencies he eagerly anticipates in 2024.

He highlighted Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Ordinals (BRC20), and VPAD.

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