Crowd-Funded Ethereum Documentary Raises $2.3 Million in ETH

By Ben Carey July 29, 2021 In Crypto News, Ethereum, NFTs

Documentary project Ethereum: The Infinite Garden has raised 1,036 ETH in just three days to complete its fundraising proposal to create the first feature-length documentary about Ethereum.

The original fundraising goal of 750 ETH (US$1.7 million) was surpassed in a matter of days, finishing up at 1,036 ETH ($US2.3 million). These funds will finance the documentary that will feature co-founder Vitalik Buterin and key members of the Ethereum Foundation and the wider community.

The Garden That Grows On Forever

In this film, we approach Ethereum as an “infinite garden”. Instead of thinking of Ethereum as a machine controlled by a central brain, we see it as a decentralised ecosystem with soil, plants and insects that need to be cared for in order to grow.

Ethereum: The Infinite Garden official website

Ethereum: The Infinite Garden will “explore the innovative real-world applications of the Ethereum blockchain, the die-hard community of enthusiasts and developers, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin, whose vision for the internet has the potential to change the world”, according to the project proposal.


The film will be directed by Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci, creators of features for HBO, Netflix and National Geographic that have been screened at major international film festivals. Production will be managed by Optimist, a Los Angeles-based independent studio.

NFT Movie Posters with Film Credits Embedded

Funds were raised by allowing contributors to bid for their own animated movie posters alongside a number of other rewards, such as receiving credits in the film. The animated posters were created by well-known digital artist pplpleasr, who has created digital effects for movies such as Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, and Star Trek Beyond. The top three contributors received one-off posters with unique colouring, lighting and exclusive producer titles embedded into the credits section.

Unique movie posters of the top three contributors. Source: Infinite Garden Twitter

Pre-Production Under Way

After the wildly successful fundraising campaign, the team is now entering the pre-production phase where it will establish connections with members of the Ethereum Foundation and the wider community. The team is aiming to have a rough cut of the film done by the northern summer of 2022, and all going to plan it will premiere in the winter of 2023.

No Lack of Vitalik

Buterin is everywhere at the moment, especially in the arts and entertainment industry. He will voice an old, taxidermied cat in Mila Kunis’s short animated series, Stoner Cats, which will be released to NFT holders. Also in the art world, a portrait known as the ‘Crypto Mona Lisa’, signed by Buterin, will be listed on Australian platform NFT STARS on July 30.

Ben Carey

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