Could This New Meme Coin Be the Next Pepe After Raising $1.7 Million on Presale?

By BeInCrypto November 16, 2023 In Gaming, Pepe, Staking

Meme coin popularity is growing amid the current crypto market rebound, with the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) posting sizable returns.

The new gaming-focused coin, Meme Kombat (MK), is capturing attention after raising an impressive $1.7 million in its presale.

This success has led many in the crypto community to speculate whether MK could emulate Pepe (PEPE), which yielded enormous gains for early investors last May.

What is Meme Kombat and How Does It Work?

Meme Kombat’s team aims to bring innovation to the meme coin space by combining gaming, staking, and other betting features into one immersive platform.


At the core of Meme Kombat is a battle arena, where popular meme coin mascots compete in AI-powered fights.

Players can challenge opponents in PvP mode and earn rewards and tokens by predicting the winner of each match.

Additionally, an integrated betting system enables users to wager MK, Meme Kombat’s native token, on the outcomes of battles.

These unpredictable and fair outcomes ensure an engaging gaming experience for all users.

Meme Kombat also incorporates a staking protocol that allows token holders to earn up to 686% APY on their MK.

MK’s tokenomics, designed for complete decentralization, allocate 50% for the presale, 30% for staking and battling rewards, with the remainder divided between community rewards and liquidity.This unique blend of gaming, staking, and other features betting has positioned Meme Kombat as a popular new entrant to the meme coin space.

Meme Kombat Presale Rides Hype Wave to Raise $1.7 Million

Meme Kombat’s presale has been gaining immense traction recently, raising over $1.7 million.

As noted above, 50% of the total supply of MK tokens is available during this presale, allowing early investors to buy in at a discount before the full launch.

The presale is structured in stages, each lasting seven days, with the price per token increasing by 10% in each new stage.

Meme Kombat’s early presale success has led to much discussion around MK’s future, with numerous crypto influencers mentioning the token.YouTuber Austin Hilton, who has over 235,000 subscribers, recently cited Meme Kombat’s gaming features in a video.

Further enhancing the growing buzz around Meme Kombat is the founder, Matt Whiteman, who is an experienced figure in the crypto and gaming space.

As the fully doxxed project lead, Whiteman’s experience with companies such as North Technologies and Phat Loot DeFi adds credibility, fueling the growing excitement around Meme Kombat’s ambitious roadmap.

Meme Kombat Roadmap Lays Out Plans for Exchange Listings and Community Growth

Following its presale, Meme Kombat is slated to launch its gaming platform officially, giving users access to the battle arena for the first time.

The first season will kick off immediately, allowing players to battle popular meme coin mascots, climb the leaderboards, and earn rewards.

Continuous upgrades to gameplay, along with new characters and game modes, are also planned post-launch.

As outlined in the project’s white paper, Meme Kombat’s team plans to list MK on DEXs like Uniswap once the presale ends, improving accessibility and liquidity.

In the long term, the project aims to continue growing its engaged community through exciting partnerships and evolving seasons based on user feedback.

With its humorous meme branding and the integration of crypto, gaming, and betting elements, Meme Kombat has led some to speculate that it might mirror PEPE’s success.

Only time will tell if Meme Kombat’s ambitions can be realized and if it has the legs to become the next big meme coin, but for now, the presale buzz makes MK a token worth watching closely.

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