Coinbase Confronts UK Banks’ Crypto-Related Restrictions

By CryptoGlobe July 15, 2023 In Banks, Coinbase, United Kingdom

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has shared valuable insights on its UK website about the evolving banking landscape in the United Kingdom as it pertains to cryptocurrency transactions.

Despite there being no direct prohibitions on buying cryptocurrencies in the UK, Coinbase has noted an uptick in UK banks choosing to ban or limit their customers from sending money to crypto exchanges over the past year. The risk of fraud is often used as a justification for these blanket restrictions.

Coinbase emphasizes that its foremost priority is safeguarding users and their assets. To achieve this, the company has invested significantly in building top-tier security systems and tools to monitor and prevent any malicious activity, offering users an additional layer of protection.

Despite these security measures and Coinbase’s standing as a company regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), some UK banks have extended their restrictions to Coinbase users.


The approach taken by the banks, according to Coinbase, is akin to an indirect ban on crypto. While Coinbase supports and understands the need for consumer protection measures, it believes the current approach unfairly penalizes its users who are abiding by laws and regulations while participating in the cryptoeconomy. Furthermore, this approach overlooks the essential issue of jointly enhancing user safety in crypto markets without hindering accessibility.

Coinbase remains optimistic about the future and believes a constructive path can be found in the UK. This would involve fostering open dialogue and collaboration between crypto exchanges and banks. Despite the current challenges, Coinbase pledges to continue working productively with banks and local regulators to support an accessible and safe crypto economy in the UK.

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