Coinbase Announces Launch of Crypto Futures Trading for US Retail Users

By The Daily Hodl November 02, 2023 In Bitcoin, Coinbase, Ethereum, Retail, Trading

Top US-based crypto exchange platform Coinbase is announcing the launch of crypto futures trading for retail investors in the US.

In a new company blog post, the crypto exchange is announcing that US Coinbase Advanced customers can now trade regulated leveraged crypto futures through Coinbase Financial Markets.

According to Coinbase, the futures contracts will be sized at 1/100 of a Bitcoin (BTC) and 1/10 of an Ethereum (ETH), also known as “nano contracts.”

“Traders have access to 2 futures contracts: BTC and ETH. At 1/100th of a Bitcoin and 1/10th of Ethereum, these contracts offer lower upfront capital requirements and can be an affordable investment option for a broader range of retail customers.”

Coinbase warns customers that futures contracts with leverage carry significant risk and it’s possible for traders to lose more money than they initially put in.

“Futures provide traders with the ability to hedge their risk, diversify their portfolios, trade with leverage, and speculate on which way the market will go – either up or down. Leverage in futures trading can work for you or against you. The risk of loss using leverage can exceed your initial investment amount.”

To access the crypto futures, traders will need to apply for the Coinbase Financial Markets with an existing Coinbase account. However, the crypto exchange notes that futures trading can only be accessed through a web browser for now but notes that it has plans to offer the service through its mobile app soon.

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