CNA Weekly Roundup 9.2.2024

By Investified February 09, 2024 In Bitcoin, Dymension, Solana

Dymension (DYM) Launch and Airdrop

Dymension’s big moment came with its mainnet launch and a massive airdrop, dropping nearly $400M worth of DYM tokens into the crypto scene. This move was all about shaking up the decentralised app (dApp) world by introducing RollApps. Think of them as custom chains for all sorts of apps, from gaming to finance. While the DYM token’s value shot up, showing the hype was real, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The launch hit a snag with validator glitches, proving even in the crypto universe, tech gremlins are a thing​​​​.

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Despite the hiccup, the “genesis rolldrop” aimed to rope in the early birds and crypto communities, from Solana fans to Ethereum enthusiasts, by giving away 70 million DYM tokens. It was a clever move to get folks on board, though not without its drama—some users reported disappearing tokens or trouble moving them around, sparking a bit of a “did we just get scammed?” panic​​.

But let’s focus on the big picture: Dymension is betting big on making it easier for developers to bring their blockchain dreams to life, hoping to push the envelope on what decentralised tech can do. With DYM’s price bouncing up, it’s clear there’s excitement in the air, and if they can smooth out those early bumps, we might just be looking at a game-changer for the blockchain community​​.

Solana 5-hour network outage

On February 6, 2024, at the stroke of 10:22 UTC, Solana validators found themselves in a bit of a bind as transaction processing ground to a halt due to what was described as “performance degradation.” This wasn’t just a blip on the radar; it was Solana’s most significant crash since an episode in April 2023 that took a two-day effort to resolve, thanks to some serious memory consumption issues that needed a complex restart to get things back on track​​​​.

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But here’s the thing: despite this outage, Solana’s SOL tokens showed their resilience by maintaining their value, which is a testament to the community’s trust in the network’s stability.​​ The issue this time around was traced back to a glitch in the network’s consensus algorithm, which led to a fork in the blockchain. This fork had validators working on different versions of the blockchain, causing a temporary split in the network.

Following the fix, it was business as usual on Solana, with all services resuming and, importantly, no user funds being compromised during the outage. This incident, while a tad inconvenient for users, also highlights the importance of robust mechanisms to quickly address such issues. It serves as a learning curve for the Solana team, validators, and users alike, emphasising the need to continuously improve and fortify the network against potential pitfalls​​.

BTC – where to next?

Last week we spoke about the fact that Bitcoin needs to break through US$45,000 to see some upside. Guess what? We are on the verge of a breakout as we test this new level.

BTC is currently on the cusp of surpassing the critical $45,000 threshold, propelled by a surge in institutional interest following the recent tumult involving FTX and its liquidators. This resurgence in investor confidence is evidenced by a notable uptick in netflows, indicating a significant movement of funds into the Bitcoin market.

A closer examination of on-chain data reveals a compelling correlation between Bitcoin’s price movements and substantial withdrawals by BitMEX whales. 

Specifically, analysts are focusing on the concept of “exchange netflow,” a metric that tracks the flow of Bitcoin into and out of exchange wallets. By subtracting outflows from inflows, this metric provides valuable insights into the overall sentiment and activity within the market.

In summary, the recent surge in institutional investment and the notable withdrawals by BitMEX whales underscore the evolving dynamics of the Bitcoin market. This influx of capital and the associated movement of funds on exchanges are closely watched indicators that could influence future price movements and market trends.

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