ChainGPT is launching DexCheck, an AI-powered crypto/Web3 platform

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A new generation of blockchain-based projects has begun to ascend into the crypto industry, ChainGPT will be there to provide them with the necessary infrastructure to help them succeed.

Not long ago ChainGPT, the leading AI Infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry announced the induction of DexCheck into its Incubation program.

After months of tapping into the full suite of services including ChainGPT’s stack of AI technologies, its mentorship network for guidance on capital management, marketing, and operations, and the $CGPT community for a social presence; DexCheck is taking its next steps into the crypto economy.

With its new website, a deeper network of connections, and a world-class plan of action, DexCheck will be launching its $DCK token via an IDO on the !


What is DexCheck?

Dexcheck is an AI-powered analytics platform and trading tool for blockchain-based assets. Every form of on-chain data, from cryptocurrencies and token pools to NFTs and DEX trading volume the DexCheck platform provides.

Moreover, in its mission to cater to as wide an audience as possible with industry-leading technology, it is augmenting traditional research processes of analyzing information and enhancing the pattern recognition capabilities of individuals with machine learning applications.

Beyond on-chain metrics, DexCheck maximizes the fidelity of its information through a novel application of social intelligence functionality for evaluating sentiment and tracking capital flows dubbed “smart money”.

What are some of its platform features?

DexCheck provides a full suite of services with precision analytics that are applicable to a broad range of insights.

Intuitively packaged into a user-friendly interface, called the “Checkerboard” the platform acts as the ultimate assistant amplifying the decision-making and pattern recognition experiences for traders and investors.

The software is already available for the public to interact with and can be accessed here:

Some of the features that are already functioning include:

  • Top Crypto traders leaderboard: Tracking system for monitoring elite token traders.
  • Top NFT traders leaderboard: Tracking system for monitoring elite NFT flippers.
  • Mirror trading bot: Automated copy trading of leading traders.
  • Address analyzer: In-depth visualization tool for understanding PnL and Trading Insights
  • Whales tracker: Real-time monitoring of large transactions and movements by the largest user accounts; both Crypto and NFT.

In the near term, DexCheck has planned to release an expansion of its services with functions such as AI-Dexfolio, a BRC-20 token tracker, and an arbitrage bot.

Accessing DexCheck

DexCheck upholds the highest quality standards in terms of its product and believes in maximal inclusion, thus it has opted for a hybrid data access model.

Some of the information, such as the Whale Trackers and basic token analytics will be provided absolutely for free to the general public, meanwhile, more advanced and unique data, such as the leaderboards will be tied to their native $DCK token.

Being decentralized in its foundation, DexCheck has implemented its own token $DCK that will give the token holders membership to their DAO and expand their platform access with additional PRO features. More information about their features can be found on their official website here (

DexCheck $DCK Tokenomics

With a vision for equitable ownership, accessibility, and decentralization of its product, DexCheck is implementing its own token, $DCK.

Token name: DexCheck TokenToken symbol: $DCKToken standard: BEP-20Issuing network: Binance Smart ChainTotal supply: 1,000,000,000

$DCK IDO on ChainGPT pad details

DexCheck has dedicated a portion of its supply to the ChainGPT Pad IDO as follows:

IDO date: 07/17/2023Token price: $0.01Supply allocation: 20,000,000Max allocation: $200,000

More information about the IDO specifications is available in their official listing here (

* ChainGPT implements a unique protection mechanism for all IDO participants in the form of a refund policy. After an IDO has been completed, if for any reason participants feel as though they would rather revise their contributions, they have up to 14 days to do so (unless they claim their allocations). For a more in-depth explanation of the ChainGPT Pad refund policy refer to their official article discussing it here (

About ChainGPT

ChainGPT is the leading provider of AI-powered Infrastructure for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry. From automated smart contract generation and auditing to autonomous community management, advanced Web3 AI chatbot, AI-powered news aggregation, and NFT generation, ChainGPT is the most sophisticated, end-to-end AI solution on the market.

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