Californian City Santa Monica Opens Dedicated Bitcoin Education Office

By Aaron Feuerstein July 11, 2024 In Bitcoin, United States
  • Santa Monica partners with Proof of Workforce to launch a Bitcoin education office aimed at enhancing local economic and workforce development.
  • The initiative includes educating locals on Bitcoin, fostering economic partnerships, and potentially boosting tourism through a Bitcoin conference.

Ah, California – Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, Redwood and Sequoia forests, and the Napa Valley wines.

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But the most populous state of the United States also has something that most don’t: a Bitcoin education office. That’s right, the City of Santa Monica just announced that it’s living up to its “legacy as Silicon Beach”.

Proof of Workforce and Santa Monica Partner in Bitcoin Venture

The coastal city west of downtown Los Angeles, with the famous Santa Monica Pier, has partnered with nonprofit Proof of Workforce to establish an education space that’s all about Bitcoin. Naturally, many in the crypto community cheered the move, with many users on X saying the move was a win for the city.


The Santa Monica city council voted all in favour of the initiative, which is said to come at no cost to the city, thanks to Proof of Workforce.

Proof of Workforce says it aims to educate and help the workforce adopt Bitcoin by “providing educational resources and adoption models for workers to bring to their unions and workplace”.

Office to Bring Education and Career Opportunities

According to a report by the city council, the Bitcoin office will aim to educate the local workforce, residents, students and businesses on Bitcoin.

Source: Santa Monica City

It also wants to “identify and facilitate Bitcoin initiatives/partnerships that support Santa Monica’s economic recovery and cultivate economic growth”, and host a Bitcoin conference which eventually could benefit tourism.

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Further, it aims to find career opportunities for locals and potentially get into the Bitcoin mining business.

And the deputy city chief is totally on board with the whole thing, with Vice Mayor Lana Negrete saying,

As we embark on a journey to learn Bitcoin in Santa Monica, I’m excited to see the following ideas. Bitcoin is for everyone!

Lana Negrete, Santa Monica Vice Mayor

Interestingly, the Santa Monica firefighter union is the first ever union in the country to self-custody BTC. Dom Bei, a local firefighter who fully embraced Bitcoin, is also the creator of Proof of Workforce. He told Forbes in an interview how uniquely positioned firefighters are in changing the narrative.

A retired fire chief I know used to say that the best part about being a firefighter is we get the opportunity to change the way the story ends.

Dom Bei

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