Brazil’s blockchain based football academy Blockchain Sports to offset CO2 emissions with Carbify

By CryptoSlate July 15, 2023 In Blockchain, Sport

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The time to save our planet is now, says CEO Yevgenij Yurstev, as he outlines a greener strategy.

As the sports industry continues to address its role in the climate crisis, Brazil’s first blockchain based football academy called Blockchain Sports is set to become an entirely carbon neutral company.

The company confirmed its partnership with Carbify, another blockchain based project that aims to help save the Amazon rainforest, support the locals in the region and distribute blockchain based rewards for participants.


“The more time that goes by, the more the world realises, our planet has gone too far”, says Yevgenij Yurstev.

Carbon neutrality is achieved by removing the same amount of Co2 from the atmosphere as one puts into it, may it be in any walks of the business – efforts to offset its usage.

Carbify is on a mission to address the adverse effects of carbon emissions on the planet and promote sustainable practices. The company recognizes that the sports industry, despite its immense popularity, contributes significantly to carbon emissions through transportation and energy consumption during events. Carbify aims to solve this problem by providing innovative solutions that promote carbon neutrality and sustainability.

Carbify’s solution leverages blockchain technology to create a transparent and traceable system for carbon offsetting. Blockchain Sports will be able to monitor and track their carbon emissions in real-time, allowing them to offset their environmental impact by supporting verified sustainable projects in Brazil and beyond.

The partnership between Carbify and Blockchain Sports will bring substantial benefits to the Acopiara region and beyond. Blockchain Sports and event organisers will be able to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability by offering carbon offset options to their fans and participants. This initiative will not only help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the sports industry but also raise awareness and encourage more sustainable practices.

Blockchain Sports is a pioneering platform that combines blockchain technology with sports, offering unique experiences, fan engagement, and opportunities for sports enthusiasts worldwide. By integrating Carbify’s carbon offsetting technology, Blockchain Sports will provide an added value to its users, empowering them to make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying their favourite sporting events.

“We are thrilled to partner with Blockchain Sports to create a greener future for both the sports and blockchain industries,” said John Smith, CEO of Carbify. “Together, we aim to leverage technology and innovation to drive positive change and promote sustainability within the sports community. Through this partnership, we can empower sports enthusiasts to actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Carbify and offer our users a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change,” said Yurstev, Director of Partnerships at Blockchain Sports. “By integrating Carbify’s carbon offsetting technology into our platform, we are taking a significant step towards creating a more environmentally conscious sports industry. Together, we can build a greener future for generations to come.”

Carbify and Blockchain Sports are committed to a greener and more sustainable future for the sports industry. Their partnership marks an important milestone in addressing the environmental challenges faced by the sports community and demonstrates the potential of technology to drive positive change.

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