BOB Mainnet: Bridging Bitcoin and Ethereum for Mass Adoption

By Investified May 03, 2024 In Bitcoin, DeFi, ETFs, Ethereum

The Build on Bitcoin (BOB) project has officially launched its mainnet, marking a significant milestone in integrating Bitcoin into the Ethereum ecosystem. With over 40 decentralised apps (dApps) already available and $285 million in total value locked (TVL), BOB aims to usher in a “Bitcoin-driven DeFi summer.” The project’s hybrid layer-2 network called an “Ethereum rollup,” combines Bitcoin’s widespread adoption and security with Ethereum’s DeFi features like smart contracts and stablecoin access.

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One of BOB’s primary objectives is to provide seamless integration between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, allowing Bitcoin users to access stablecoins and DeFi services while enabling Ethereum users to utilise their BTC holdings. 

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Collaborations with leading BTC bridge providers like Threshold’s tBTC and Wrapped BTC (WBTC) demonstrate BOB’s commitment to simplifying cross-chain transactions. The platform also plans to introduce features like merged mining for enhanced security and BitVM for secure BTC bridging with fraud proofs, further bridging the gap between the two ecosystems.


BOB’s launch signifies a strategic move towards onboarding traditional Bitcoin users into the DeFi space and expanding the utility of Bitcoin assets within the Ethereum and EVM communities. As the project continues to evolve through its planned phases, including the introduction of BitVM and enhanced security measures, BOB aims to make Bitcoin deployment into DeFi more accessible and user-friendly, ultimately uniting two of the largest web3 ecosystems for mass adoption.

Bitcoin ETFs have a rocky start to the month

So, here’s the lowdown; Bitcoin ETFs just had their rockiest day on May 1, with a whopping $500 million flying out of the funds. Qiao Wang from crypto research firm Messari is calling it the “worst day by far” for these funds. 

Basically, a ton of investors got cold feet about Bitcoin’s price falling and sold off, which might not even have been the smartest move, but is classic human psychology playing out!

Source: WSJ 

Fidelity’s Bitcoin fund took the biggest hit, losing about $191 million. This is actually part of a bigger trend, as it’s been a rough few days for Bitcoin ETFs with lots of red on their books. 

Don’t stress though, we can expect some “diamond-hand” investors might jump in soon and stabilise things *cough cough* Microstrategy *cough cough*.

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The Big Short!

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading, timing is everything. When Bitcoin retested the $66,000 mark, we saw it as a prime opportunity to enter a short position, capitalising on the market’s tendency to react at key levels. As discussed in our previous analysis, this retest was a critical moment, offering us a clear signal to act. By shorting BTC at this level, we positioned ourselves to profit from the subsequent downward movement.

Our decision proved to be fruitful, as BTC indeed experienced a downturn following the retest. With careful risk management by utilising a stop loss, we successfully completed a shorting gain of 16% on our position. 

This outcome highlights the importance of recognising and capitalising on both primary opportunities in the market: the initial break of price action against a pattern and the subsequent retest. 

Source: Tradingview

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