Blockswap to host multichain ERC20 side event at ETHCC

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Blockswap Labs, a blockchain research lab and protocol solutions provider, will host a side event at the ETHCC week in Paris, France, scheduled on July 19, 2023.

Attendees will explore the future of web3 and engage with industry leaders.

Multichain ERC20 brings together visionaries, developers, investors, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest infrastructure advancements and innovations in Ethereum.

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Blockswap’s objective at ETHCC is to educate the Ethereum community about decentralizing Ethereum through increased staking optionality and robust security.

The Multichain ERC20 event at ETHCC consists of two distinct tracks, each offering unique insights and discussions led by experts in the field:

Track 1: ETH restaking and LSD: extending Ethereum security for middleware

Explore the world of restaking and the Composable Validator Marketplace, a decentralized ecosystem that revolutionizes Ethereum’s coordination of validators and dApps.

Learn how restaking optimizes validator yield, extends Ethereum security, and enhances the ecosystem.

Topics covered will include the challenges of extending Ethereum security, creating trustless marketplaces for dapps and protocols to access validators, increasing validator earnings, the difference between slashable security and extending Ethereum security, kETH, a new LST-based primitive, capital efficient restaking with Stakehouse, and the potential benefits for various stakeholders.

This session is open for all to attend but requires a free ticket.

This track will include a discussion panel with leaders in Ethereum’s distributed validator technology (DVT) space. DVT is a security approach that decentralizes key management and signing responsibilities among multiple participants. The strategy minimizes the risk of single points of failure and enhances the overall resilience of validators.

Oisin Kyne, CTO and co-founder of Obol Labs, said:

“In the coming months, distributed validators will create the foundation for a more resilient, secure, and decentralized consensus layer in Ethereum. We look forward to sharing the progress in bringing this critical technology to mainnet.”

Track 2: proof-of-neutrality network and Optimistic MEV+

Proof-of-neutrality and Optimistic MEV+ track give insights into credibly neutral infrastructure design for the MEV supply chain, emphasizing inclusivity and openness.

The event will highlight several critical aspects of the MEV supply chain, including a new ground-up approach, Proposer Builder Separation for Ethereum block-building, and discussions on Order Flow Auctions.

In addition, the event will also feature a solution for developing MEV-aware protocols via a revolutionary PBS client called MEV+. The event will bring together industry leaders and contributors in the MEV space, allowing them to share their insights on the rapidly evolving MEV landscape.

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Be part of this exploration into the future of Ethereum’s MEV supply chain, where neutrality, inclusivity, and open building practices converge.

Blockswap Labs CEO will lead discussions among Ethereum industry leaders around MEV and credibly neutral infrastructure.

Matt Shams (Anis), CEO of Blockswap Labs, said:

“We are thrilled to share a new intent-centric MEV supply chain infrastructure and Ethereum Restaking at ETHCC. The event represents a major milestone in our ongoing open engagement with the Ethereum community, seeking feedback and alignment on maintaining credible neutrality for Ethereum. This event will focus on the negative external factors of centralization in block building and drawbacks in current MEV rails.”

Additional information

Blockswap encourages all attendees, including developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry professionals, to participate in the Multichain ERC20 event. Besides talks and panels, Blockswap Labs will be available to discuss potential partnerships and deeper conversations around protocol design and implementation.

To stay updated on the latest developments regarding Blockswap’s participation at ETHCC and for further details on the event tracks, please visit the official event website or follow Blockswap on Twitter.

Event details

July 19, 2023

1:00 PM – 6:30 PM

ETHCC Week (ETHParis)

Le Cabaret des Merveilles (Coworking Space)

25 Rue de l’Hirondelle, 75006 Paris, France

Speakers at Multichain ERC20 include 20squares, Blockswap Labs, Dappnode, DFG, Diva, Gauntlet, Ion Protocol, IOSG, Jsquare, Obol Network, Robust Incentives Group (Ethereum Foundation), Runtime Verification, and SafeStake.

Visit for free tickets and the most up-to-date information.

About Blockswap Labs

Blockswap Labs is a research and development firm making blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users. As core contributors to Blockswap Network and proof-of-neutrality Network, Blockswap Labs are building a permissionless middle layer and catalyzing web3 development through credibly neutral public benefit infrastructure solutions.




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