BlockFi Downtime And Public Sign-ups Temporarily Disabled

By Crypto News Bot March 08, 2021 In Crypto News

New signups to BlockFi have been temporarily suspended, while they do system upgrades, and assure that all users funds are safe.

If you go to the signup form on the website, you’ll get an error upon signup: “An error has occurred, please check the fields and try again.”. And many users are saying on Twitter that they are unable to login.

It’s not the first time they’ve had downtime in services, with users posting on Reddit that they were seeing grey screens and were unable to login.

Growing pains?

BlockFi is not alone unfortunately. Other major platforms and exchanges have recently experienced downtime, possibly as a result of the (re)gained popularity of cryptos and the corresponding pressure on the systems involved.


The credit service company seems to be steadily expanding – offering new services such as crypto yield earnings, crypto backed loans, crypto credit cards with Bitcoin rewards and trading. Issues like these could be due to an accelerated growth, following what looks like being a sustained uptrend of the whole FinTech and crypto space.


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