BitDAO’s Ethereum Layer-2 Mantle Network Launches Mainnet Alpha

By CoinMarketCap Alexandria July 18, 2023 In Ethereum

Mantle Network Launches Mainnet Alpha

Mantle Network, an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, has launched its mainnet alpha at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris.

During the six-month testnet phase, the network handled approximately 14 million on-chain transactions. The testnet phase ended after numerous security audits.

Using a modular chain design, Mantle Network divides execution, data availability, consensus, and settlement into independent layers. With Ethereum’s decentralization and security still intact, it aims to combine high performance with low costs through its modular architecture, Optimistic Rollup design, and data availability.

Following its merger with Bybit-backed BitDAO in May, the network is supported by one of the largest crypto treasuries, valued at over $2.4 billion. The network’s partners include blockchain gaming accelerator Game7, web3 game launcher HyperPlay, and blockchain education initiative EduDAO.


A $200 million ecosystem fund was recently approved by the DAO-led ecosystem to encourage the creation of early-stage dApps on Ethereum Layer 2.

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