Bitcoin’s Best Yearly Start in Eight Years – 2021 Q1 Sees Over 100% Returns

By Crypto News Bot April 12, 2021 In Binance, Bitcoin

Bitcoin has outperformed all major asset classes for 2121 Q1 as shown on a chart posted by Binance. This is the best start to the year BTC has has in the past 8 years.

Starting the year around $38,000 AUD and currently $78,000 (at time of writing) has seen the BTC price gaining just over $100% in the first 3 months of 2021. Compared to previous years this by far the best start to a year for BTC with most other starts actually showing negative gains for Q1 and then Q2 onwards showing very bullish returns.

Bitcoin Quarterly Returns – Source

Other asset classes such as precious metals and the stock market haven’t produced anywhere near the returns so far this year.

Ethereum (ETH) is also up over 100% for the first quarter, along with many other cryptos.


Could we see the trend continue into 2021 Q2?


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