Bitcoin vs NASDAQ: Are Bitcoin and NASDAQ Playing the Same Game?

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The world of finance has seen various asset classes rise and fall, with each having its own unique story to tell. Over the past decade, Bitcoin, the world’s premier cryptocurrency, has garnered immense attention and controversy. Simultaneously, the NASDAQ Composite, a stock market index representing the tech-heavy sector, has had its tale of rapid ascents and corrections. What’s interesting is the startling similarity between the market patterns of Bitcoin (BTC) and the NASDAQ. Let’s delve into this Bitcoin vs NASDAQ comparison and see what it might mean for the future of BTC.

Bitcoin vs NASDAQ: Historical Similarities

Historically, BTC has shown price movements that are reminiscent of the NASDAQ’s trajectory, particularly during its dot-com boom in the late 1990s to early 2000s. This period saw the NASDAQ rise exponentially due to rampant speculation and the perceived potential of the Internet.

Similarly, BTC’s ascents can be attributed to its revolutionary blockchain technology, growing acceptance, and periods of heightened speculative interest.

Bitcoin vs NASDAQ: Predictive Analysis

Based on recent trends and expert predictions, many anticipate Bitcoin’s value to surpass the $100k mark soon. However, if we take the NASDAQ’s historical patterns as a potential guide, Bitcoin could potentially reach an even more astounding value of $200k. Here’s a simple calculation to elucidate this point:


  • The NASDAQ’s value doubled at the peak of its explosive growth during the dot-com era.
  • BTC follows a similar trajectory.

If BTC is predicted to reach $100k (as per many analysts), but its growth mirrors the NASDAQ, it could potentially double that prediction, reaching a whopping $200k.

The Future: Up-Only Rally?

The question many investors are pondering is whether Bitcoin will follow a NASDAQ-style “up-only” rally. It’s crucial to note that while historical patterns can provide insights, they aren’t definitive predictors of future events. The NASDAQ, post the dot-com bubble, saw a significant crash before it started its more sustained and stable growth.

Bitcoin has its own set of challenges and opportunities, from regulatory concerns to increasing institutional adoption. The crypto space is evolving rapidly, and while the historical parallels are interesting, BTC’s trajectory will be shaped by a combination of technological advancements, investor sentiment, global economic conditions, and regulatory decisions.

Bitcoin vs NASDAQ: What are the similarities between Bitcoin and the NASDAQ market patterns?

Drawing from a source, both Bitcoin and the NASDAQ exhibit several comparable trends and behaviors. Here’s a closer look at their similarities:

  • Both have witnessed substantial appreciation over time.
  • At certain points, each has shown correlations with equities.
  • Both can be traded, though there’s a marked difference in liquidity. The broader stock market, for instance, has more liquidity than Bitcoin.
  • Institutional investors’ forays into the market have affected both.
  • The influx of retail investors eager to acquire stocks and cryptocurrencies has influenced both markets.
  • They’re susceptible to similar external influences affecting stock valuations, including economic data, global events, and shifts in investor mood.

Yet, there are distinctions to consider. Bitcoin is a digital currency, while the NASDAQ is an index representing tech stocks. Interestingly, Bitcoin has sometimes moved in tandem with gold, while the NASDAQ occasionally shows an inverse relation with some tech stocks. Also, Bitcoin generally demonstrates more stability than the often volatile stock market.

For example, during major geopolitical events or economic downturns, while both Bitcoin and the NASDAQ might see drops in value, Bitcoin might dip by 5% while the NASDAQ could experience a more drastic 15% fall. This showcases Bitcoin’s relative steadiness against the more reactive stock market.

Bitcoin vs NASDAQ

Bitcoin and NASDAQ represent distinct asset classes, with the former being a cryptocurrency and the latter, a stock exchange. Drawing direct comparisons between their performances might not be straightforward. Nevertheless, one way to gauge their significance is through market capitalization. As of August 27, 2023, Bitcoin boasts a market cap of $507,328,349,202. In contrast, the NASDAQ’s market cap, which aggregates the total worth of all its listed companies, stands at a staggering $25.6 trillion. This places the NASDAQ’s market cap substantially ahead of Bitcoin’s.

Projected Bitcoin Growth for the Year 2024


  • The Bitcoin price increase year-to-date (YTD) is 57.39%.
  • Today’s Bitcoin price is $26,060.
  • Today’s date is 27 August 2023.

Predictive Analysis and Calculation

Based on the 57.39% increase YTD, if we assume that Bitcoin will follow a similar growth pattern over the next year, we can project a price for 27 August 2024.

Projected Price for 2024 = Current Price * (1 + Rate of Increase)

= $26,060 * (1 + 0.5739)

= $26,060 * 1.5739

= $40,979.74

So, if Bitcoin continues to grow at the same rate as it has YTD, its price could be around $40,980 by 27 August 2024.

Variables and Risks

  1. Correlation with Equities: Bitcoin has shown a correlation with equities at times. If the stock market performs well, Bitcoin might as well.
  2. Liquidity: Bitcoin’s liquidity is lower than that of the broader stock market. This means that a smaller amount of trading could have a more significant impact on its price.
  3. Institutional Investment: The entry of institutional investors can drastically affect the price, either skyrocketing it if they invest heavily or plummeting it if they sell off.
  4. Retail Investors: The activities of retail investors, many of whom are influenced by social trends, can either pump the price up or bring it crashing down.
  5. Economic Indicators and Geopolitical Events: Factors like interest rates, inflation, and political instability can affect Bitcoin’s price.
  6. Investor Sentiment: Overall sentiment can drive the price up or down independent of any fundamental economic indicators.
  7. Volatility: Bitcoin has been relatively less volatile than stocks but still possesses a significant degree of risk and unpredictability.

Given these variables and risks, it’s essential to understand that the actual price of Bitcoin a year from now could vary widely from this projection. Always perform your due diligence and consult a financial advisor when considering investments.


While the similarities between BTC and the NASDAQ’s market patterns are indeed striking, it’s essential to approach predictions with caution. If history were a perfect predictor, investment would be an exact science, which it is not. However, based on these comparisons, there’s an exciting case to be made about BTC’s potential growth. Whether Bitcoin will achieve a $200k valuation or experience a NASDAQ-style rally remains to be seen. Investors should always do thorough research and consider multiple factors before making investment decisions.

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