Bitcoin Price Might Continue to be BEARISH in 2024 and 2025, Here’s Why…

By CryptoTicker August 27, 2023 In Bitcoin

The forthcoming surge in Bitcoin might be met with several obstacles, with real-world challenges poised to dampen the pace. Will Bitcoin crash further in the coming years?

Market Overview: A Dip in Bitcoin’s Fortunes

The recent 10% plummet in Bitcoin’s value serves as a stark reminder of how it has retreated from its 2021 peak. As its past trends might hint at a potential rally next summer, experts advise caution.

The Quest for Practical Utility

In addition to financial challenges, there’s a growing call for Bitcoin to demonstrate tangible utility in the real world. The focus predominantly leans towards the speculative potential of the cryptocurrency, often overshadowing discussions about its practical applications and functionality.

Will Bitcoin Crash further?

On the brighter side, Bitcoin’s resilience over the years deserves mention. With a current market capitalization nearing $506 billion, it has demonstrated significant growth from where it stood a decade ago.

Over its lifespan, the cryptocurrency has faced skepticism, being declared “dead” numerous times in media discussions. However, proponents highlight tangible upcoming events like the “halvening” in 2024, which is set to regulate Bitcoin’s supply by reducing the rewards for miners.

Past trends suggest that halvening events can precede market rallies, though these were observed in periods characterized by lenient monetary policies, making future predictions challenging.

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