Bitcoin Must Surge to $98K Pre-Halving! Meanwhile, Ether ETFs Swarm SEC & Everlodge Presale Shakes the Scene

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As we navigate the thrilling world of cryptocurrencies, the spotlight is on Bitcoin, anticipated to surge to an impressive $98K before its next halving. In parallel, Ether ETFs are making waves as they swarm the SEC, signaling an intriguing era for this digital asset. Not to be overshadowed, Everlodge, a promising new player is causing a stir in its presale phase. Let’s dive in and explore the details of each of these developments.

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Everlodge (ELDG): The New Dawn of Luxury Real Estate Investment

Everlodge is carving a novel pathway into the luxury real estate investment scene by providing opportunities for individuals to co-own sumptuous properties, starting with as little as $100.

This groundbreaking approach has been made possible through the integration of NFT technology, which allows the luxury real estate market to become accessible to a broader audience.


Within Everlodge’s unique ecosystem, grand villas and hotels are transformed into digital assets, encapsulated within NFTs. The relevant legalities, ownership particulars, and property details are securely embedded within a smart contract’s metadata.

Everlodge also acts as a springboard for property developers, facilitating community-backed capital raising. This dual-sided opportunity allows developers to source funding for their projects while enabling users to gain early access to potentially lucrative investment avenues.

Central to Everlodge’s functionality is the ELDG token, which rewards token holders with exclusive perks such as reduced trading and maintenance fees. Through staking, users can even tap into a stable monthly income stream to effectively earn passive income.

With ELDG’s current presale price set at a mere $0.01 per token during its initial phase, the anticipation surrounding Everlodge is palpable. Given the progressive pricing strategy, the value of ELDG is projected to rise in tandem with each subsequent presale phase.

The market’s bullish stance is underscored by analysts’ forecasts, which foresee a potential 30-fold appreciation following the token’s listing on prominent exchanges. Who knows how high Everlodge will grow as it partners with hotels and luxury villas around the world?

Why Bitcoin (BTC) MUST Surge to $98K Pre-Halving

Despite recent dips below the $30,000 mark, there are still forecasts suggesting Bitcoin could reach a staggering six-figure value by 2024’s end. For big players like publicly-traded Bitcoin miners, this $100,000+ valuation might be essential for sustaining Bitcoin profitability rather than just a hopeful estimate.

A recent analysis from Seeking Alpha delves deep into the world of Bitcoin mining, spotlighting Riot Platforms. The study reveals that even as Riot is poised to triple its Bitcoin mining capacity by 2024, the impending halving—slashing BTC block rewards by 50%—poses significant challenges.

To keep up with current hash rate levels and maintain profitability, a substantial Bitcoin price surge becomes imperative. Otherwise, the consequence could be many Bitcoin miners shuttering their operations.

Analysts are watching the Bitcoin charts with a keen eye. Bitcoin volatility has never been this low in its whole history and it may be a hint of a major price surge. Any move down will likely see the $20k area rested – an area that marks the high of the 2017 bull run.

Ethereum (ETH) ETFs Swarm SEC As Holders Switch to Everlodge (ELDG) Presale

Major asset management behemoths, including the likes of Grayscale and VanEck, are racing to introduce spot Ethereum ETFs in the U.S., evident from their filings with the SEC. This move isn’t just a nod to the growing interest in Ethereum but also an aftermath of the Bitcoin ETF application surge.

Such Ethereum ETFs promise to forge a bridge between traditional investment channels—like 401Ks and pension funds—and the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. While this indicates broader and safer crypto exposure for investors, the fate of these Ethereum ETFs still hangs in the balance.

It is worth noting that Ethereum’s price has been tethered below the $2,000-2200 range for over a year now. As such, any breakthrough on the Ethereum ETF front could serve as a potential catalyst for its price movement.

A decline of either the Bitcoin or Ethereum ETFs will likely result in a mass sell-off, with the $1,500 zone being the immediate support line for Ethereum. Everlodge is one of the only projects that seems to be unaffected by any broader market swings, some Ethereum holders are using the Everlodge presale as an opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

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