Bitcoin Miners Strike Gold With Record $2.01 Billion Earnings In March Shatter Previous Highs Ahead Of Anticipated Halving Event

By Ben Knight April 02, 2024 In Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining
  • Bitcoin miners have enjoyed a lucrative March, with the occupation raking in a record-high USD $2.01B.
  • Approximately USD $85M of this figure was attributable to transaction fees.
  • Heightened network activity, the increasing price of Bitcoin and anticipation of the impending halving event were all responsible for the handsome profits.
  • Meanwhile, demand for Bitcoin continues to significantly outpace supply – an “issue” set to be exacerbated even further by April’s halving.

Mining was once an accessible pastime to anyone with a desktop PC and a graphics card. Now, unless you enjoy losing money (or steal electricity from your neighbours), it’s nigh on impossible for the average person to participate in Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work network. 

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On the flipside, if you own a small army of ASIC machines, well, mining BTC can be extremely profitable. Those profits became even more pronounced last month, as March became the highest-earning month for Bitcoin miners on record.

Halving And Price Rises Behind Massive Earnings as Supply Issues Loom

It’s been nearly three years since Bitcoin miners earned anywhere close to USD $2B (AUD $3.08B) – way back in May 2021, where monthly income was approximately USD $1.74B (AUD $2.68B). Yet, this previous record was destroyed over the past four weeks, with active miners raking in a whopping $2.01B (AUD $3.1B). Some of the increase is no doubt due to the soaring price of BTC, which climbed to new heights in March. However, data suggests that blockchain activity is also playing a role, with miners earning USD $85M (AUD $130M) worth of transaction fees throughout the month.


Foundry USA Mining is the clear leader in the Bitcoin blockchain space, with the company accounting for close to 30% of all BTC mined during March.

The rush toward a Bitcoin halving event is having a faster impact than many anticipated, with less than three weeks remaining until the block reward for miners halves. How this will impact the bottom line of big mining syndicates is yet to be seen, however in the meantime, miners certainly aren’t complaining. 

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It will make for an interesting watch over the next 18 days when the supply of BTC dries up even more. Thanks to the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs, supply is already dwindling. In March, despite record earnings for miners, ETF purchases nearly doubled the number of new BTC minted by miners.

Ben Knight

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