Bitcoin in 2024: VanEck’s 15 Record-Breaking Predictions

By Ben Knight December 08, 2023 In Bitcoin
  • VanEck predicts that Bitcoin may hit an all-time high by Q4 2024.
  • VanEck expects Bitcoin to outperform Ethereum but believes ETH will still grow more than most big tech stocks (Apple and Amazon, for example).
  • NFT activity may rebound, DEXs may reach new highs in spot trading and Solana may become the third-biggest crypto by market cap.

2024 is set to be possibly the biggest year for Bitcoin yet. The coin has two major upcoming events that may shape the industry for decades to come – the introduction of a spot ETF and the impending block reward halving. Now, with the New Year well and truly on the horizon, people are starting to make their predictions for what’s to come. In a thread of tweets yesterday, VanEck speculated on 15 different things they believe will happen in 2024.

Q4 2024 All-Time-High on the Cards

VanEck’s predictions aren’t anything too crazy and tend to be on the slightly more conservative side compared to some others who have suggested BTC is a shoo-in for USD $100K (AUD $151K) by 2024. However, overall, the financial institutions and fund managers are quite bullish on the crypto industry’s prospects moving into the New Year.

The overarching theme of the predictions is that 2024 is set to be Bitcoin’s year. The company believes that 

Bitcoin will make an all-time high in Q4 2024, potentially spurred by political events and regulatory shifts.


The predictions also make note that BTC will likely outperform Ethereum next year, but that ETH will still be a superior asset to major tech stocks on the NASDAQ and other U.S. indices. In fact, VanEck believes that the U.S. will enter a recession next year, but the crypto market will largely be spared from the chaos.


NFTs and DEXs Back on the Agenda?

Perhaps the most outlandish claim made by VanEck is that NFT activity will “rebound to an all-time high”. While this is not out of the realm of possibility, the NFT sector has become a barren wasteland over the past few years, with widespread interest falling off a cliff. It will likely take significant industry disruption (for example, GTA VI announcing they will utilise NFTs) for this to ring true.

Other predictions include:

  • Solana to become the clear #3 cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • DEXs will reach an all-time high in spot trading.
  • Binance will fall from its perch as the #1 crypto exchange in the world.
  • Corporate crypto holdings will grow due to new and more transparent accounting standards.

On its own, VanEck commenting on the crypto industry isn’t particularly riveting news. However, that’s exactly the point – the fact an average fund manager is weighing in on cryptocurrency shows that there is a real appetite for digital currencies in traditional finance.

Ben Knight

Ben Knight

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