Bitcoin Dips Amid Worse-than-Expected Inflation Data

By Aaron Feuerstein February 14, 2024 In Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
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  • Bitcoin fell below USD $50k after the recent rally, influenced by higher-than-expected U.S. inflation data and market reactions causing a broader drop.
  • Analysts view the market’s fluctuations as normal, with optimism for Bitcoin’s prospects as long as it stays above USD $46k.
  • Market sentiment analysis indicates Bitcoin is entering a renewed phase of belief after a correction, suggesting potential for further gains before reaching the euphoria peak of the bullish cycle.

Bitcoin dipped below USD $50k (AUD $77.5k) after reaching heights not seen since 2021, influenced by less favourable US inflation data. Inflation in the United States came in higher than expected amid the consumer price index reaching 3.1%, above the expected 2.9%.

The Fed’s 2% inflation target remains distant, though there are forecasts of potential rate cuts in June for the US.

In reaction, not only did traditional markets drop, with the Dow Jones taking a 300-point hit, but most crypto assets also took a nosedive.

Bitcoin (BTC), 24-hour graph, source: CoinMarketCap

Traders Reassure Crypto Markets

Macro analyst Michaël van de Poppe reassures investors that it’s all part of normal market behaviour and no reason to panic sell. Despite record-breaking inflows into Spot Bitcoin ETFs, the rally can’t continue without retraces along the way.


Van de Poppe remains optimistic as long as BTC remains above the USD $46k (AUD $71k) threshold.

Crypto analyst RektCapital says Altcoins are keeping an eye on Bitcoin to “finish its move” before they can spur their own rally, but the real assurance comes from Rekt’s chart showing us where we potentially are in the cycle.

Source: RektCapital/ X

According to the chart we are currently only at the start of the hype cycle – however, this is just one trader’s opinion. Ali, known as ali_charts, guides us through the cycle of emotions, which provides helpful context.

Ali explains that market sentiment analysis shows that long-term Bitcoin holders experience a cycle of emotions in a bullish period, from capitulation to hope, optimism, belief, then anxiety due to a price correction, before returning to belief, hinting at further gains.

Source: ali_charts/ glassnode/ X

Presently, the market appears to have moved from anxiety to a renewed phase of belief, indicating potential further upward momentum for Bitcoin before hitting the euphoria peak that marks the bullish cycle’s end, Ali concludes. 

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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