Games Enhances Player Security, Implements Feature Upgrades to Sign-ups Games is a leading crypto casino that provides players with one of the smoothest gaming experiences online. The premium gaming portal hosts a library of games that appeals to lovers of casino classics such as Blackjack, Slots & Roulette as well as to players that are looking for something more modern with new-age slots providing a cutting edge graphics and gameplay experience.

Keeping in line with a primary motive of delivering a secure gaming environment, Games has implemented new feature upgrades to it’s login and registration processes. Previous to this upgrade, players were provided with an encrypted account key that would be required every time they wanted to access their casino accounts.

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New security upgrades allow players to register and login seamlessly

With the new upgrade, the platform now allows players to sign-up and login using their email ID and a secure password, making the sign-up and login experience easier and more secure. Meanwhile, existing users can still access their accounts using their unique URLs, and choose to add an email address and a password with which they can access their accounts from that point forward. Games strives to provide a safe and secure gaming environment for all players, and the new feature upgrade is one step further in the direction of making the platform as robust and easy to use as possible.



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