Binance NFT Adjusts Services: No More Polygon NFTs & The Sandbox Staking

By CryptoTicker September 09, 2023 In Binance, NFTs, Polygon, Staking, The Sandbox

If you use Binance NFT, there’s important news for you! Starting September 26, 2023, Binance NFT is making big changes. They’re ending support for Polygon NFTs and The Sandbox staking. Let’s break it down.

Important Details:

  1. End of Polygon NFTs Support: Come September 26, listing or buying Polygon NFTs on Binance won’t be an option. This means if you have any Polygon NFT listings there, they’ll stop.
  2. Deadline for Withdrawals: If you’ve got NFTs on the Polygon Network at Binance, you should move them. The platform gives you until December 31, 2023, to do so.
  3. The Sandbox Staking Wraps Up: Binance NFT will also put a halt to its staking program with The Sandbox. That means no more staking of LAND NFTs on Polygon to earn rewards post the date.

All these changes aim to improve Binance’s services. They want to make things more streamlined for users.

Impact on Binance Users:

  • Starting September 26, a few key actions like buying, depositing, or listing NFTs from Polygon on Binance will end.
  • Those who’ve used The Sandbox’s staking on Polygon should note it’ll stop soon. And if you’ve staked LAND NFTs, they will be back in your accounts by September 28, 2023.
  • If you’re someone with NFTs on the Polygon Network, it’s crucial to act fast. Remember to transfer them out before the end-of-year deadline.

Binance NFT promises to share more details soon. They’ll provide guidance on these changes, making the transition smoother for users.

In Summary:

Change is in the air at Binance NFT. While they’re rolling back some features, it’s all to refine their offerings. It’s a good reminder to always stay updated in the fast-paced world of digital currencies.

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