Binance Loses Counter-Terrorism Advisor Just 2 Months After Starting

By BeInCrypto November 17, 2023 In Binance

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has witnessed the resignation of Jennifer Hicks, its first-ever anti-terrorism financial advisor.

This development is a significant part of a series of high-level departures that signal turbulence within the company.

Binance Executive Resignation Wave Continues

Jennifer Hicks was a former cybercrime investigator at Chainalysis with a background in the US Navy. She joined Binance at the end of 2021. Her elevation to the role of anti-terrorism financial advisor was a landmark move by Binance. It highlighted a shift to combating financial terrorism.

However, just two months after her promotion, Hicks has stepped down. She joins a list of executives who have also recently left the company, including the product manager, chief business officer, general counsel, and head of the Asia-Pacific region.

This string of resignations includes another notable exit. This includes Stéphanie Cabossioras, Managing Director of Binance’s French unit.

This follows a tumultuous year for Binance, now grappling with stringent regulatory challenges globally. Binance’s strategy to establish a European hub in Paris, marked by Cabossioras’s tenure, now faces uncertainty.

Binance Fighting a War on All Fronts

Binance’s regulatory challenges have extended beyond Europe. The United States Financial Services Committee recently expressed serious concerns to President Biden about the use of digital assets by Hamas for illicit activities.

The committee’s letter emphasized,

“This is particularly critical given the conflicting reports we have on Hamas’s fundraising campaign from blockchain analytics firms. Congress must understand the size, scope, and duration of Hamas’s digital asset operations, as well as whether the United States has had success in seizing illicit digital assets.”

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Furthermore, this highlights the growing importance of roles like the one Hicks held in navigating the complex interplay of cryptocurrency and national security.

Senator Elizabeth Warren also weighed in on the issue, stating,

“The danger of crypto-financed terrorism is real and should be an urgent priority for Congress. There’s a growing bipartisan coalition of senators who are committed to passing this bill and fighting back against terrorism worldwide by choking off the financing.”

Overall, this heightened regulatory scrutiny and concerns over using cryptocurrencies in illicit activities signal a pivotal moment for the crypto industry.


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