Binance Australia ESG Update

Brisbane, Queensland, May 3, 2022 – Binance Australia, the world’s first digital currency exchange to commence reporting on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics under a universal framework developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), provides an update on its progress and initiatives from the first quarter. 

Binance Australia is a fully compliant and progressive Australian fintech brand that empowers customers and corporate institutions to access alternative, low-cost digital assets and products. We are pleased to lead the Australian digital asset industry by making digital investing easy and accessible, while also educating Australians and fostering credibility, transparency, and accountability. We are on a mission to make a positive impact on society by helping Australians achieve greater financial freedom and addressing important factors facing humanity, including ESG.

The highlights of our first update cover a wide array of initiatives, including the continued tree-planting initiatives with the Koala Clancy Foundation, a series of educational activities  focused on protecting customers from online scams, as well as the continued growth of our diverse and inclusive team. 

The Binance Charity Foundation (Binance.Charity) was pleased to see the continued partnership with the Koala Clancy Foundation (KCF) and in addition to the direct donation we were excited to see that KCF also received crypto donations outside of Binance. “Thanks for opening our eyes to this world,” Janine Duffy, CEO of Koala Clancy Foundation, said. 


The Binance Australia team has continued to grow in size and after a number of recent key hires is pleased to report a gender diversity ratio of over 40 percent. 

Binance Australia further focused on governance activities during the period, strengthening corporate governance through board skills matrix, risk management and stakeholder mapping. The team was pleased to implement a BNB trading tracking process to support governance and compliance within the organisation. 

Binance Australia continues to seek additional partnerships to broaden our positive impact in Australia from digital assets and looks forward to announcing further details in due course.

Binance Australia also  makes the following additional disclosures with respect to environmental metrics:

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (PL-01-A)

Currently, the company operates remotely with three shared office spaces in WA, QLD and SA, and emissions of its corporate offices are minimal. The company does not currently operate any heavy equipment, motor vehicles or other emissions-producing equipment.

Land use and ecological sensitivity (PL-02)

Due to the nature of the company’s operations, this is not a material area and therefore disclosures are not required.

Water consumption (PL-03)

Due to the nature of the company’s operations, this is not a material area and therefore disclosures are not required.

Socialsuite’s ESG Go reporting technology provides an easy way for investors and other stakeholders to assess the commitment and progress of the company on its journey to create “best in class” ESG credentials and outcomes. To follow the company’s progress towards its ESG objectives, please refer to our ESG Dashboard.


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