Binance Australia CEO and Swyftx Founders Featured amongst Brightest Aussies Under 30

In a recent article the Courier Mail published a list of 30 Australians under 30 with outstanding business achievements thanks to technology.

The selection featured personalities innovating many different fields, including cryptocurrency platforms. Focusing on that, two entries have made the cut and we are happy to highlight them in congratulations for their respective results.

Jeff Yew, CEO of Binance Australia

Jeff Yew (Binance Australia)
Jeff Yew (Binance Australia)

Binance Australia is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges locally based and operated in Australia. It is led by Jeff Yew, a 27 year old who funded his university degree by investing into Bitcoin. Before Binance Australia, he was the CPO of another cryptocurrency-related business, TravelByBit – an Australian startup facilitating crypto payments in the travel industry, making Brisbane the first city in the world with a crypto-friendly airport.

[…] I believe Bitcoin is the single most important social infrastructure in the history of humanity and I’m committed to see it through till the end. […] It’s the money of the people in the digital age.

Jeff Yew [Twitter]

In the last few months, Binance Australia has reported massive trading volumes and growth. You can read more about Binance Australia in our review.

Alex Harper & Angus Goldman, Founders of Swyftx

Alex Harper and Angus Goldman (Swyftx)
Alex Harper and Angus Goldman (Swyftx)

Alex Harper and Angus Goldman founded Swyftx, a Brisbane-based and AUSTRAC-registered Australian crypto currency exchange and trading platform. The couple of now-26 year olds first met at a Summer Computer Science Camp held at the University of Sydney. Later on Alex and Angus decided to quit their jobs, investing their savings and joining efforts to eventually launch Swyftx in 2019.

We wanted to solve the many problems we faced as consumers, including a distinct lack of customer service, dated user interfaces, poor education practices and high fees.


In a short amount of time, Swyftx has seen record-breaking growth, also recently becoming the first exchange in Australia to offer Debit Card Payments. Feel free to check out our review of Swyftx.


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