Billionaire Michael Novogratz Predicts Bearish Outlook for Bitcoin Until US Presidential Elections

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  • Novogratz predicts Bitcoin will trade between US$55k and $75k as the market consolidates this quarter.
  • The stagnation follows a bull run driven by US Bitcoin ETFs and the Bitcoin halving, with optimism tempered by strong economic data.
  • Galaxy Digital’s net income surged due to early 2024’s digital asset rally, and the firm is raising US$100M for a new venture fund.

Michael Novogratz, founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings, stated at a recent conference call that Bitcoin is likely to remain in a narrow trading range of US$55k to $75k (AU$83k to $113k) for the current quarter as the crypto market consolidates.

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He expects this phase to last until new market events trigger higher prices. The stagnation follows a historic bull run driven by US Spot Bitcoin ETFs and the Bitcoin halving. However, optimism has waned due to strong economic readings despite anticipated interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

We are in the consolidation phase in crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum and everything else, Solana will consolidate, what does that mean? It means probably somewhere between $55,000 and $75,000 until the next set of circumstances, the next set of market events bring us higher.

Michael Novogratz, CEO Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital saw a first-quarter net income surge to US$421.7 million (AU$636.2 million) due to the digital asset rally in early 2024. Novogratz noted increasing crypto adoption in traditional finance, with more unsecured lending and higher engagement levels compared to six months ago.


We had a lot of tailwinds in Q4 and Q1. I think that is probably where we are certainly for this quarter, maybe next quarter until either A, the Fed starts cutting rates because the economy finally slows or B, we get through the election and I think the election will bring clarity one way or the other to the crypto regulatory landscape.

Michael Novogratz, CEO Galaxy Digital

CEO Reacts to JPMorgan Crypto Criticism

Galaxy Digital is also actively expanding its involvement in the sector. As reported in early April, the firm is currently raising US$100 million (AU$152 million) for a new venture fund. This fund will focus on investing in emerging cryptocurrency enterprises.

In December, Novogratz criticised JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon for his repeated scepticism towards Bitcoin.

Novogratz said that despite Dimon’s doubts, Bitcoin has proven its value, outperformed JP Morgan’s stock, and is now more broadly accepted as a store of value in the investing world.

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He suggested Dimon’s stance might be driven by political motivations or a lack of understanding of Bitcoin’s appeal. Novogratz pointed to Bitcoin’s growing acceptance in investment portfolios worldwide and compared its value to that of gold – a social construct based on shared belief.

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