Bernstein Says Tokenised BlackRock Fund Boosts Crypto Legitimacy

  • Analytics and brokers Bernstein are bullish on BlackRock’s new tokenised fund, suggesting it will “build legitimacy” to the industry.
  • Tokenisation is a popular way to integrate blockchain tech into traditional finance, as it boasts the benefits of a distributed ledger while ignoring cryptocurrency volatility.
  • BlackRock is not the first to create an on-chain tokenised fund – Franklin Templeton launched its own last year.
  • Bernstein believes that BlackRock’s new fund will bring in a swathe of new institutional businesses and customers to the crypto industry.

Tokenisation has long been touted as the intersection of traditional finance and cryptocurrency. And although significant progress has been made toward this convergence, it is still a far cry from the widespread revolution that many in the industry predict.

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That’s why a player as big as BlackRock entering the fray is such a huge deal. It is a significant step toward mass tokenisation across the financial world, and along with the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, it is yet another sign of a maturing industry. 

More TradFi Customers to Jump Into Crypto Thanks to BUIDL

The ramifications of BlackRock’s new tokenised fund, BUIDL, are yet to be fully experienced. But according to brokerage and analyst firm Bernstein, they are set to be many.


For starters, spokespeople Gautam Chhugani and Mahika Sapra said that BlackRock’s entry “brings legitimacy” to the scene and specifically lauded the fact the institution is using a public blockchain (Ethereum) rather than a private, internal distributed ledger.

[Using Ethereum] allows for a wider design space for interoperability and programmability…Tokenised fund redemption could be on-chain with stablecoins integration. New asset classes (bonds, equities, fx stablecoins) could lead to interoperability between asset classes on-chain and scope for further programmability.


But perhaps even more importantly, this may be the “first major test case” for your average institutional investor. Most TradFi customers have only used typical brokerages and worked with financial advisors – most are yet to encounter the benefits of using a decentralised blockchain over a centralised system.

“[BUIDL] would act as the first major test case for institutional holders to experience 24/7 settlement benefits of the blockchain with increased transparency and improved capital efficiency at reduced operating costs”.


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BlackRock’s tokenised fund, BUIDL, is set to offer access to yield-bearing assets tied to the U.S. dollar. With each token priced at $1, the on-chain fund was officially launched last week – although for now, there is only one holder. 

Ben Knight

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