B2BinPay Launches Version 17 of Its Platform, Reaching New Heights of Usability and Performance

By CryptoSlate September 07, 2023 In Cryptocurrencies, TrueUSD

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B2BinPay, the industry-leading cryptocurrency payment facilitator, announced the launch of version 17 of its powerful crypto processing platform. Designed with user experience in mind, B2BinPay offers merchants and enterprises a safe and secure way to access crypto payments quickly and easily.

This upgraded version includes improved features, fixes, and enhancements that further boost the platform’s capabilities, enabling clients to access crypto transactions easily. With this update, B2BinPay continues to lead the way in making cryptocurrency transactions accessible to businesses around the world.

Better Flexibility for Merchants – The Introduction of EUROC and TUSD

In an effort to meet the ever-evolving demands of its clients, B2BinPay has expanded settlement options in two new currencies – TrueUSD (TUSD) and Euro Coin (EUROC) to Merchant Wallets. The new currencies are compatible with multiple token standards, including ERC20, BEP20 and TRC20.


This addition significantly widens the range of options available to clients, with 14 coins, 14 stablecoins, and 25 tokens that can be automatically settled into the seven key currencies: BTC, USDT, USDC, USD, EUR, TUSD and EUROC.

EUROC, a Euro-backed stablecoin, is a game-changing addition to the platform, offering businesses within the Eurozone an efficient and cost-effective solution for cross-border payments. With the backing of Circle, the company behind USDC, this asset is now one of the top 18 most popular stablecoins.

Enhanced Currency Support for Enterprise Clients

B2BinPay’s new v17 update significantly enhances its Enterprise blockchain wallet solution, adding 14 new stablecoins and 113 new tokens to support its corporate clients’ endeavours. These tokens span across various blockchains, including Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, and others.

This expansion of currency support affords enterprise businesses greater opportunities for success while providing them with the capability to extend their revenue streams into new markets. B2BinPay’s Enterprise solution is unrivalled in its ability to provide businesses with a secure cryptocurrency environment to manage their digital assets.

Revised Price Model

Version 17 of B2BinPay brings a new and more competitive price model for Merchant and Enterprise users. The setup fee is set at $500, with commission fees lowered to 0.4% from 0.5%. To offer even better value, tiers going as low as 0.25% are now available for customers dealing in high transaction volumes.

Enterprise blockchain wallets benefit from the newly revised setup fee lowered from $1500 to $1000. This cost now covers the activation of smart contracts for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and TRON, as well as wallets for Ripple, Stellar and Binance Coin. On top of that, B2BinPay’s clients can avail of commission tiers starting at 0.4%, which go all the way down to 0.05%, making B2BinPay’s enterprise services even more attractive.

UI/UX Improvements

The Rates Tab boasts several new features designed to make navigating the platform more efficient. Filtering options by currency, an alphabetical search function, and a favourites section now streamline decision-making processes.

Onboarding notes provide guided tours and explanations, making it easier for users of all levels to get acquainted with the system.

Furthermore, fees are displayed in the user’s default currency, and users have the option to enter custom fee amounts for complete transparency.

Revisions for Improved Functionality and Usability

The B2BinPay team have made various updates and improvements to make the platform even more convenient for users, from adding features such as grouping by currency type or active state in dropdown menus and reports email notifications to search functionalities.

For those looking to manage their wallets, there is now a ‘Delete Wallet’ button, which allows for removing wallets with zero balance and no deposits. Enterprises can also now sort wallet tables by ID and currency, while QR code generation now includes token icons as a new layer above the QR code. Additionally, each IP in the IP whitelist can be added or removed individually, with password confirmation appearing in a modal window.

Lastly, users no longer need to worry about expiration limits on merchant invoices, as this feature has been removed from the platform. With all these enhancements, B2BinPay is making digital asset transfers easier than ever before.

Updated Customer Support and Steadfast Performance

B2BinPay has implemented a new notification system in the Helpdesk, which provides users with an easy way to keep track of their tickets. The intuitive system includes an innovative unread counter that displays the number of tickets with new messages for quick access.


B2BinPay v17 provides an unparalleled user experience for both individual and enterprise users. With the development of Versions 18 and 19 already in progress, B2BinPay is set to make even greater advances in customer satisfaction and further meet the needs of its growing client base.

The company has recently joined forces with Ledger to launch custom-branded Ledger Nano X wallets and become the official sponsor of the Athletic Club for the 2023/2024 La Liga season. These initiatives are sure to help bring attention to their innovative crypto payment solutions.

With their latest release, B2BinPay has once again shown that they are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service. As the future of crypto payments continues to evolve, B2BinPay will remain at the forefront with further updates and features. ​​

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