Avalanche (AVAX), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Perspective Newbie – must-have coins for Crypto Portfolio

By Bitcoinist.com August 31, 2023 In Avalanche, Dogecoin

The case this piece is making is simple and straightforward: both aspiring beginners and seasoned investors should consider adding Avalanche (AVAX), Dogecoin (DOGE), and ScapesMania to their respective portfolios of crypto assets. Doing so matches the three chief criteria of cost-effective and resilient individual crypto holdings. The latter are supposed to:

  • First, combine diversified use cases;
  • Second, encompass more than a single blockchain;
  • Third, include both well-established projects and new pioneering ones with extra growth potential, like ScapesMania (that we view as a promising and long-awaited one in particular).

AVALANCHE (AVAX): Asset Tackling the Blockchain Trilemma

As you can see, the price of AVAX is not spiking right now. However, if this ambitious project fulfills its promise, the best for it is yet to come. Thus, perhaps the price tag fluctuating between $10 and $20 is the right moment to enter the niche.

AVAX is the proprietary crypto asset of the AVALANCHE project, envisioned back in 2018 and seeking to revolutionize the entire web3 economy. If it succeeds, the token will be supported by a really massive tokenomics behind it. In the capacity of an independent blockchain platform, the mission of Avalanche is to outcompete ETH and resolve the ever-present challenge of simultaneous scalability, security, and decentralization, on the basis of its one-of-a-kind PoS mechanism.


Namely, the Avalanche consensus algorithm is applied to ensure optimal throughput, latency, and safety. It builds on a unique approach associated with random sampling of validators to reach consensus swiftly. As such, the eventual goal of Avalanche is to support a broad range of use cases, including DeFi apps, via the necessary infrastructure for efficient and protected transactions. Concerning the AVAX token, it serves for transaction fees, staking, and participation in governance operations. Again, in case the number of developers involving Avalanche grows, investors will be rewarded.

Dogecoin (DOGE): The Forefather of All Meme Assets

Dogecoin, as the flagship asset of the meme coin sector, deserves a place in one’s portfolio for sure. It has already experienced an enormous spike in the past, and, as the meme economy gets fueled by an influx of enthusiasts, might have a similar one ahead.

Having been launched back in 2013, this PoW asset has become a tipping currency used for rewards in the web3 economy. More than that, the extent of DOGE adoption really amazes when you think of its seemingly joke status. For instance, there are no problems with purchasing physical items for DOGE tokens and using prepaid cards.

Even the fact that it is an inflationary currency does not impose limits on its loyal fans. Quite the contrary, its low transaction fees and steady supply make it a sort of “golden standard” in the meme domain. Many fresh projects have declared that their key intention is to be “DOGE killers.” So far, they haven’t managed to achieve this goal.

ScapesMania: New Quickly Growing Kid on the Block

Now let’s talk about an asset that is likely to make a lot of noise in the near future. Meet ScapesMania! The idea behind the emerging asset’s audited tokenomics is simple yet promising. It seeks to give Web3 enthusiasts far-reaching opportunities to benefit from and exert influence on the development of gaming projects made for enormous audiences of Web2 players.

As an entire ecosystem with varying revenue streams, it will function as a crowdfunding and DAO governance bridge linking the two worlds. Being at the ICO stage, the initiative is listed by all major tracking platforms and will be traded on major exchanges. It is the high time to join it if you recognize the potential.


To score big in the crypto market, investing in BTC, ETH, and USDT will not suffice. It is a must to experiment with new assets, bringing about new technology and business-related ideas and approaches. We believe that these three directions are certainly worth exploring for any investor who can afford it.

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