Australians Can Live On Crypto Using Bitrefill’s AU Services

By Crypto News Bot November 03, 2021 In Australia, Bitrefill, Payments

Australian crypto traders made A$10k in profit on average in the past 12 months, leaving some looking for ways to spend their crypto, especially with the tax man looming.

Living on Crypto Using Bitrefill

A new way to spend your crypto in Australia is via Bitrefill, which provides services to allow you to spend your crypto at popular outlets nationwide.

Bitrefill has seen tremendous growth in the Australian market over the last 12 months. From 2021 Q1 to Q3 we’ve seen Australia sales more than double. The product range also continues to grow with more and more gift cards being added every week.

Chris Pavlesic, Bitrefill Australian ambassador

Spending your crypto is simple with Bitrefill. Just buy a gift voucher with your crypto, which can be instantly redeemed online, or use the Bitrefill mobile app for payment on the go. Optionally, create a free Bitrefill account and get cashback rewards in Bitcoin satoshis when you purchase.


Buy your Food Using Crypto

Use your crypto to buy food from Coles as you do your weekly shopping, or order a takeaway from Uber Eats. View all food options.

Buy your Drink Using Crypto

Wash down your food with some Bitcoin-bought drinks. View all drink options.

Retail Shopping Using Crypto

Buy some new clothes using your crypto wallet. View all retail options.

Entertainment Using Crypto

Rent a movie, buy a computer game, go fishing or book an adventure with your crypto. View all entertainment options.

Travel Using Crypto

Pay for your Uber ride using Bitcoin, or book your next hotel or flight using your crypto wallet. View all travel options.

Recharge Your Phone Using Crypto

Purchase your next mobile phone recharge with your crypto wallet. View all phone options.

About Bitrefill

Bitrefill is a website where you can buy gift cards, vouchers and phone recharges in Australia and more than 170 countries worldwide. It offers services to help you live off your crypto by buying gift vouchers and redeeming them instantly using your mobile phone as payment.

Pros of Using Bitrefill:

  • Live on crypto – use your crypto to pay for goods and services through the Bitrefill gift cards without the need to withdraw funds from your bank account.
  • Instant buy – you can prepay your Bitrefill account, speeding up the check-out process if you’re out and about. It also supports the Bitcoin Lighting network to speed up your purchases.
  • High usage without an account – unverified accounts have high usage limits up to US$10,000 for most categories up to 100 purchases daily. If you want unlimited daily purchases, you’ll need to verify your account.
  • No expiration dates – the Bitrefill Balance Cards and Bitrefill Balances have no expiration dates.
  • Refill for other people – you can refill any account just by entering a phone number and sending the Bitcoin to an address.
  • 1% rebates on purchases – earn a minimum of 1% cashback in Bitcoin satoshis every time you use Bitrefill to purchase gift cards and mobile refills.

Cons of Using Bitrefill:

  • Unspent value – any value contained in a Bitrefill Balance Card or in a Bitrefill Balance will not in any case be paid out in cash. Like any other gift card, it waits to be spent. However, unlike most gift cards, it doesn’t expire.
  • Geographical limitations – most products sold are geographically limited to certain countries. In these cases, you won’t be able to purchase from a country that is not allowed by a product’s restrictions.

For more information, please read our Bitrefill review.

Or try it for yourself and create your free Bitrefill account.


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