Australian Jeweller Taps Everledger to Put Engagement Rings on the Blockchain

By Jana Serfontein February 19, 2022 In Australia, Blockchain, Crypto News

Australian-based Kavalri jewellers is the first brand to create traceable, sustainable and customisable diamond engagement rings, enlisting digital transparency company Everledger to assist it in that process.

(Sustainable) Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but the industry has long been problematic for those involved in the excavation and processing of these highly sought-after stones. Thanks to consumer demand, however, sustainability is now part of the diamond trade.

The mine-to-market journey of diamonds is rife with issues of soil erosion, deforestation and destruction of communities, along with appalling working conditions, low wages and child labour. To tackle these issues, Kavalri has enlisted Everledger to enable it to easily reference the human rights aspects and environmental performance of its diamond listings.

Everledger has also assisted in proving provenance in the Australian pearl industry. Besides its involvement in the jewellery trade, it has also provided a blockchain solution for Australian wool innovation.


In its partnership with Everledger, a leading platform for authentication and traceability, Kavalri can now offer its customers provenance when it comes to diamonds. This essentially means the diamond on your finger is sourced completely transparently but is also fairly priced.

Kavalri also offers diamonds that have been sustainably rated, which means they have been certified on a number of environmental and sustainability criteria, and these diamonds come with a third-party certificate to validate their credentials.

Kavalri to Offer Digital Diamond Origin Reports

With this new initiative, Kavalri is one of only a few jewellers in Australia to offer blockchain diamonds to customers. These come with a complete digital report that documents the journey the diamond has taken, from discovery right through to every part of the supply chain.

Jana Serfontein

Jana Serfontein

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