Australian Crypto Influencer Breaks Silence, Blaming Drugs for Losing Investors’ Money

Former crypto YouTuber Alex Saunders has broken his silence after almost a year since he was alleged to have lost millions of dollars of investor funds.

In a recent tweet, the one-time crypto investment club operator explained that drugs he was taking to treat a back injury were the root cause of a mental health spiral that led to a number of bad decisions:

Saunders’s statement has prompted mixed reactions on social media, with some sympathisers saying he should get a second chance:

Others say he should never again be allowed to advise the public on investment schemes:

Back on the Airwaves

Saunders recently followed up his statement with a YouTube video confirming his heavy use of opiate drugs as the root cause of his errant behaviour, and that he plans to advise the Australian public once again on crypto projects, investment opportunities and “all of that good stuff”.

Crypto News Australia has tried to make contact with Saunders to obtain further comments and will update this story once we have more information.

Sam Deering

Sam Deering

Sam Deering is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with background in computer programming. He loves to learn, share and write about anything crypto news.

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