Australian Companies Are Starting to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

By Ibiam Wayas April 17, 2021 In Australia, Bitcoin, Crypto News

The adoption of Bitcoin payment options in Australia is growing, as more companies now accepting BTC as a payment option for their services.

Cryptocurrencies have seen significant price increases over the past year or so, and while lots of Aussies are seeing their holdings soar in value, companies might see this as opportunity to get more business if they accept cryptos as payment for their services.

Aussie Companies Now Accepting Crypto Payments

Australian companies from lots of different industries are getting in on the crypto payments, you can now order a custom PC built, buy your dog food, design a custom home, pay for your NBN, get a solar powered system, and pay for everything using Bitcoin!

Here are some of the recent companies now accepting crypto payments:


It’s not just BTC you can pay with, other popular digital currencies are being accepted – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and Ripple being the most used.

We see bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as being here to stay. by providing the ability for people to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment, it shows we are prepared for the future and at the forefront of technology change

Louis Gonzalez, the director at Broadwater Builds. 

Cryptos Are Going Mainstream in Australia

Crypto adoption in Australia has been surging in recent months, as seen with the local crypto exchanges, including Binance Australia, who saw record growth in Q1 2021. And Swyftx, a local Australian based exchange also seeing massive growth as Australians flock to buy cryptocurrencies.

Digital currencies have seen massive attention since the coronavirus outbreak, which led more companies to accept cryptocurrencies for payment. If you’re a business looking to accept cryptocurrencies you can take a look at our guide How to Accept Bitcoin Payments for a Business in Australia for more information.

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