Australian Bitcoin Miner Mawson Infrastructure Hashrate Soaring, Earns 5.8 BTC a Day

Sydney-based crypto mining firm Mawson Infrastructure has reached a new milestone by operating above 1.0 EH/s (exahash per second), and it’s aiming for 1.1 EH/s by the end of January.

1.0 EH per Second, 5.8 BTC a Day

In August 2021, Mawson said it was looking to increase its mining power in Australia and bought more than 17,000 ASIC BTC mining rigs from Chinese manufacturer Canaan Creative. According to a recent statement, the company’s computer power is now up 38 percent since November 2021.

Hash rate growth since January 2021 on a yearly basis. Source: Mawson

To reach its goal of 3.0 EH/s by Q2 2022, Mawson purchased 4,000 ASIC BTC miners on top of the 17,000 rigs purchased in Q3 2021, increasing its fleet to over 40,000 BTC mining rigs globally.

The company’s expansion in Sandersville, Georgia [US] is progressing rapidly, with an additional 60MW of energy now available, taking the facility to 100MW of capacity. The company’s Midland, Pennsylvania facility phase 1 of 50MW is on track to be energised in Q1 2022, with phase 2 on track to be energised in Q2 2022 for a total of 100MW.

Mawson forecast

The continuing success of the company’s operation has elevated its expectations – the corporate goal is to reach 5 EH/s by early 2023, which could turn Mawson into one of the largest NASDAQ-listed Bitcoin miners globally.

With the scale-up of our existing facility in Georgia this year well under way, combined with securing our new facility in Pennsylvania, our team has been able to focus on securing additional Bitcoin mining hardware for deployment. This reflects our ‘infrastructure first’ approach to deployment where the Mawson team has been securing long-duration, sustainable energy facilities.

James Manning, CEO, Mawson Infrastructure

What powers Mawson’s mining operations is 75 percent non-carbon emitting energy such as nuclear, hydro and wind. As it expands its business worldwide, it will continue to seek out the most efficient energy sources for its operations.

Mawson also has a majority stake in Luna Squares, a US-based mining facility, owning a total of 90 percent of shares acquired last year.

José Oramas

José Oramas

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