Australia Zoo Launches NFT Project ‘Wildlife Warriors’ to Help Protect Wildlife

By Jana Serfontein May 06, 2022 In Australia, Crypto News, NFTs

The world-famous Australia Zoo is collaborating with Meadow Labs to create a unique Australian-themed NFT collection built atop the carbon-neutral Algorand blockchain.

The collection is in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Queensland-based zoo’s Wildlife Warriors, and all primary proceeds generated from the project will be donated to Australia Zoo and its associated conservation organisation:

Established in 2002 by Australia Zoo co-founders Steve and Terri Irwin, Wildlife Warriors is all about the protection of injured, threatened, and endangered wildlife. The initiative boasts 11 conservation projects worldwide and three conservation properties. Wildlife Warriors’ flagship project, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, has treated over 110,000 animals since opening its doors.


Sustainable Blockchain Placates the Naysayers

Created on Algorand, the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain with 0.01 gas and transaction fees, the series of NFTs celebrates the 20th anniversary of Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors. By building the series on Algorand, hardline environmentalist naysayers on Twitter can be effectively shut down:

The limited set of NFTs is centred on raising awareness and funds to protect Australia’s wildlife and wild places. In partnership with Meadow Labs, an Australian-based technology start-up, this rare NFT collection will consist of a series of drops, each focusing on a different Australia Zoo Wildlife animal. Each NFT will be randomly generated, non-deterministic, utility-driven, and unique to each buyer.

Meadow Labs co-founder and CEO Martin Kelly said: “We’re really excited to partner with Australia Zoo in their first foray into Web3 and their mission of fighting for the planet’s wildlife and wild places, one NFT at a time. This is a sensational example of what innovative brands can achieve when they open themselves up to the endless possibilities Web3 has to offer. This is just the beginning of a long term-partnership to create an ‘NFT for good’ movement that builds on ensuring we all have a sustainable future.”

Robert Irwin, son of Steve and Terri, added:

At Australia Zoo we’re always open to new ways [to] help continue our Wildlife Warriors mission. Any innovation that can help our conservation efforts, particularly one that shares our vision of protecting the planet, is something we’re thrilled to support. This green chain and new technology allows us a new avenue to continue to fight for the protection of our wildlife and wild places.

Robert Irwin, Australia Zoo

Although an Australian project, the NFTs will be available globally and can be purchased with fiat (tangible currency) on-ramping via MoonPay, which will allow customers to buy cryptos directly from the bespoke webstore, thus simplifying the process and making the collection accessible to all.

Could NFTs Help With Wildlife Conservation?

A variety of different industries are incorporating the sale of NFTs to boost fundraising efforts, and why should wildlife be any different? Crypto News Australia has previously reported on the endangered Seychelles magpie robin NFT project. The magpie robin has been made available to purchase in digital form in a series of collectible NFTs, sales of which will help fund conservation efforts.

Jana Serfontein

Jana Serfontein

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