Aussie Legend Adam Gilchrist Set to Digitise Cricket Moments to NFTs

By Phil Stafford August 12, 2021 In Australia, Crypto News, NFTs

Swashbuckling former Australian Test wicketkeeper/batsman Adam Gilchrist is the public face of a new strategic alliance to market cricket-related sports memorabilia and digital collectibles.

Pickstar Group and Sportemon-Go announced the alliance this week, respectively combining an online marketplace with a digital sports platform to sell moments and merchandise via NFT collectibles and virtual experiences.

Together, the two entities have global access to over 60,000 current and former professional athletes, cultural icons and celebrities.

Gilchrist, who has worked as an on-air cricket commentator since retiring from international cricket in 2008, has been confirmed as the official global cricket ambassador for Sportemon-Go.


The technology and creativity that sits behind this is incredible and I look forward to being part of the team that paves the way for athletes, fans and organisations to create, commercialise and obtain this next generation of sports-related assets.

Adam Gilchrist, official cricket ambassador, Sportemon-Go

Sportemon-Go Aims to Simplify NFTs in Australia

Sportemon-Go plans to create sports-related NFTs and other digital products while making the technology more accessible to fans. “We want to make the use of NFTs and cryptocurrency as simple as possible,” said CEO Ricky Jackson in a recent interview.

Our mission is to help people understand how to use this tool. We want to change the game through digital and interactive assets and experiences, such as AR [augmented reality] experiences for fans at stadiums or NFT hunting on game day at venues.

Sportemon-Go CEO Ricky Jackson

Since its June public announcement, Sportemon-Go has set its sights on producing Australia-focused NFTs through sports including cricket, NFL, NBA, EPL and NRL. The project also has its eye on related industries such as AR, eSports and betting, all utilising the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The Sportemon-Go’s mobile app is planned to launch in September and until buying SGO, acquiring the native Sportemon-Go token was a lengthy process via Pancakeswap and Binance Smart Chain BNB.

In related news, Indian tech startup Rario will launch the world’s first cricket-based NFTs on August 15, ahead of the Twenty20 World Cup scheduled for October-November. Crypto News Australia also recently reported the August 20 launch of an NFT collection based around superstar footballer Lionel Messi. “The Messiverse” will be made available on blockchain platform Ethernity Chain (ERN).

Phil Stafford

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