Aussie Blockchain Dev Prepares to Launch Cardano Payments Across 500k Online Stores

By Sam Town August 14, 2020 In Australia, Cardano, Crypto News

An Australian blockchain developer is working on a new Shopify integration that will allow ADA holders to pay with Cardano’s native token across almost half a million online stores around the world. 

Created by Australian blockchain developer Jeronimo Backes, the new “Cardano e-commerce integration project” will allow online shoppers to use ADA tokens to pay for a broad spectrum of goods and services via ecommerce payment platform Shopify.

Cardano is a blockchain project driven by an academic development protocol, focused on peer review and collaboration.

ADA holds a strong position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, but currently lacks extensive adoption as a means of purchasing goods and services — outside of a number of gaming skin markets and VR imaging platforms, Cardano’s ADA token is largely used as a means of international remittance. 


Cardano Stake Pool Backs Ecommerce ADA Integration Project

Backes’ new Shopify integration project would bring ADA payments to millions of online shoppers around the world — launched in 2004. Shopify has processed over 40 billion worth of sales internationally, and holds roughly 20 percent of the global ecommerce market share. 

The Australia-based developer’s efforts to create a functional ecommerce application for ADA is sponsored by the SHOP Cardano stake pool, who are funding the project with the goal of the goal of building Cardano integrations with ecommerce.

SHOP’s missions statement highlights the open-source nature of the Cardano e-commerce integration project, noting that the rollout of smart contracts on Cardano will allow for the creation of more complex ecommerce payment models such as subscriptions:

“Once smart contracts become available, we’ll introduce support for subscriptions and recurring payments in ADA and native tokens that run on the Cardano blockchain.”

The user-focused nature of the new Cardano project reflects greater changes in the Cardano ecosystem, with Cardano taking the first step towards the Voltaire phase of development through “Project Catalyst,” which will see the Cardano development ecosystem transformed into an entirely community-led effort.  

Sam Town

Sam Town

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