ATPBot launches automated crypto trading bot for investors

By July 18, 2023 In Trading

ATPBot has released an auto-trading bot with simplified features for both novice and experienced traders.

ATPBot focuses on quantitative trading strategy development and services. ATPBot utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to develop and execute quantitative trading strategies for cryptocurrency investors. It offers preset parameters and extensive historical back-testing, providing users with proven strategy options without manual configuration.

ATPBot launches automated crypto trading bot for investors - 1Source: ATPBot, 40-month backtest profit 879%, max drawdown 33%

Using ATPBot requires three steps. After connecting to a crypto exchange API, the user selects a strategy that matches their requirements and enters the investment amount. Finally, they click Run and wait for the AI trading bot to capture signals and trade on their behalf 24 hours a day.


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ATPBot uses extensively tested and proven strategies, providing highly detailed backtest data and constantly adjusting its strategy through rigorous historical and market analysis to minimize risk while maximizing profits.

ATPBot launches automated crypto trading bot for investors - 2Source: ATPBot, no fear of market ups and downs, perfect curve

ATPBot’s operating system saves traders time by eliminating manual parameter configuration and backtesting. Novice traders benefit from the simple interface and preset parameters, allowing them to engage in automated trading confidently. ATPBot tests and backtests preset trading strategies with proven results, boosting user confidence.

Despite the many benefits of automated trading, risk must be managed effectively. ATPBot’s preset parameters and historical backtesting help users assess the potential risk of each strategy. Traders can protect their investment capital by choosing strategies that match their risk tolerance.

ATPBot launches automated crypto trading bot for investors - 3Source: ATPBot. Review the time and position of entry and exit for each order

ATPBot simplifies implementing automated trading strategies with preset parameters, extensive backtesting, and a user-friendly interface that saves time, reduces complexity, increases confidence, and manages risk effectively.

Traders can register on ATPBot’s platform to access AI-powered quant trading and share algorithmic profits. Additionally, ATPBot offers a Discord community where users can connect with quantitative trading enthusiasts worldwide. Professional guidance on market trends, analysis, and trading techniques is available to help users advance in quantitative trading.

About ATPBot

Founded in 2021, ATPBot is a platform that uses advanced machine learning models and AI algorithms to provide efficient and reliable quantitative trading solutions to clients in the digital currency market.

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