Asics Beats Nike to Runners NFTs Collections

By Phil Stafford July 15, 2021 In Crypto News, NFTs

Japanese sports apparel multinational Asics has launched its digital footwear collection in a move that places it one step ahead of major rival and global market leader Nike.

In a world first, the 189-piece Asics Sunrise Red Collection consists of nine different footwear products in a limited-release edition, each of which features 20 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and will be available via digital auction from July 15.

Auction Proceeds to be Reinvested into Digital Arts Community

The launch kicks off a landmark new venture for Asics as it dips its toe into the world of NFTs. Auction proceeds will be reinvested into the digital arts community through Asics’ new Digital Goods Artist-In-Residence Program, whereby the brand will collaborate with both established and emerging digital artists to design the next wave of NFTs.

While we are excited to drop the world’s first digital shoe release from a major sporting goods company, this is only the beginning. In coming together with some of the world’s most creative and forward-thinking digital artists through our artist-in-residence program, our long-term vision is to push the boundaries of digital goods to inspire physical activity.

Joe Pace, head of business development, Asics Running Apps

Nike Slow Off the Blocks in NFT Race

In December 2019, American brand Nike secured a patent for CryptoKicks, a concept pairing an NFT with a physical shoe release. Though Nike has yet to bring the concept to market, two months ago an Indonesian entrepreneur released a range of limited-edition hand-painted Nike sneakers for crypto enthusiasts.

With its Sunrise Red Collection, however, Asics has stolen a march on Nike, one of its fiercest competitors in the sports footwear space.

The Asics auction takes place on from July 15-19. Visit for more information.

Phil Stafford

Phil Stafford

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