Anthony Scaramucci And Raoul Pal Discuss Crypto Revolution

  • Pal’s entry into the crypto world was spurred by the 2008 financial crisis and his realisation of Bitcoin’s potential.
  • Scaramucci became a crypto supporter after recognising Bitcoin’s advantages over traditional money.
  • Pal’s confidence in crypto’s future is based on the widespread recognition of the current financial system’s flaws.
  • Additionally, the rapid adoption of blockchain technology, and the unique opportunity for direct investment in a global infrastructure make him bullish.

Anthony Scaramucci and Raoul Pal are well-known in the crypto community and when they have a get-together, albeit virtual, it makes for an interesting conversation. In a recent interview, the pair discussed what drew them to crypto and what they believe the future holds for this nascent asset class.

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Raoul Pal’s AHA Moment

Raoul Pal has amassed over one million followers on X, the platform formerly called Twitter and also founded the wildly successful financial media and education platform RealVision.

Interestingly his journey into crypto began after a distinguished career in finance, including time at Goldman Sachs and running a hedge fund, before moving to Spain and focussing on macroeconomic research.


His experience during the financial crises, witnessing firsthand the instability and failures of traditional banking systems, spurred his interest in finding a more secure financial solution. Pal’s moment of realisation came through a recommendation from friends who introduced him to Bitcoin.

I went down the rabbit hole and realized, actually this was an asset that you can own outside of the financial system that has value. And the blockchain rails and everything in finance could be built upon them.

Raoul Pal

His deep dive into Bitcoin in 2012 led him to appreciate its value as an asset outside the traditional financial system, leading him to buy Bitcoin at $200.

Source: Anthony Scaramucci/ Raoul Pal

Scaramucci Admits He Was Late to the Game

Anthony Scaramucci, also a former Goldman Sachs man, mainly known by many outside crypto for his brief stint as Director of Communications at the White House. But he is also an avid crypto supporter, although it took him some time to get there, as he admits.

I looked at Bitcoin—I have to confess this to people—and I didn’t understand it. And I thought, ok, wait a minute, this is just cryptographic code on the Internet. Why would somebody pay $42,000 for that?

Anthony Scaramucci

But then it dawned on him, and he recognised Bitcoin is a significant innovation because he thinks it is a “broad-based tabulation system” akin to what money fundamentally is.

He appreciates money as a transaction-facilitating technology that eliminates the need for bartering, recognising Bitcoin and blockchain as its more efficient, secure, and universal evolution.

But you and I know—unfortunately because of our debt-laden societies—the money gets corrupted by central banks and it gets corrupted by politicians. We were told by Jerome Powell last week in a 60 minutes interview we’re going to have debt for as far as the eye can see.

Anthony Scaramucci

Why Pal Is So Confident About a Future with Crypto

Pal’s confidence in a future dominated by crypto is grounded in a multifaceted rationale that he succinctly breaks down into three main levels:

Systemic Discontent and the Search for Alternatives:

Pal notes a widespread recognition that the current financial system is flawed, driving individuals to seek alternatives like gold and Bitcoin. He encapsulates this idea by saying, “people understand that the system is broken and they’re looking for answers.”

Technological Adoption and Use Cases:

The rapid adoption of blockchain technology and the emergence of new use cases like NFTs signify a technological revolution similar to the internet’s rise. This wave of innovation is seen as a direct response to traditional financial systems’ failures and central banks’ policies of currency debasement.

Investment and Participation in a New Infrastructure:

Unlike the internet, where users couldn’t directly profit from its infrastructure without owning specific shares, crypto offers a unique opportunity for individuals to own a piece of a global infrastructure.

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This democratisation of investment allows for a homogeneous investment product that is accessible worldwide, transcending traditional barriers.

Pal highlights the revolutionary aspect of this participation, stating, “We’re getting to participate in something that has never happened for humanity.”

Aaron Feuerstein

Aaron Feuerstein

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