Andrew Tate May Recover Seized Bitcoin (BTC) From Romanian Authorities

By BeInCrypto January 10, 2024 In Bitcoin

Crypto social media influencer Andrew Tate won an appeal to contest the seizure of his assets as part of an ongoing human trafficking crime investigation in Romania.

A Romanian court must reconsider a ruling they made to allow the seizure of Tate’s assets, which include Bitcoin holdings. Tate’s assets will remain in seizure until the courts reassess the ruling. The Romanian anti-organized crime unit has refrained from commenting.

Crypto Promoter Andrew Tate Didn’t Carry Out Crime

Tate won approval from the Bucharest Court of Appeals after he was allegedly implicated in a human trafficking case in Romania. Police seized $4 million worth of his assets, including Bitcoin, cars, and expensive watches. They reportedly hold 21 of the influencer’s BTC.

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It is unknown at this point whether the human trafficking case will proceed. A preliminary chamber of the Bucharest court needs to assess court filings for legality before the case can continue. But the court’s severe backlog may push the case out indefinitely.

Tate and his brother Tristan have been in police custody from December 2022 to April 2023. They were consigned to house arrest in August, which allowed them to move around more freely. They were part of a group of four accused of rape, human trafficking, and forming a gang to exploit women.

Tate has vehemently denied the charges. In April, a Romanian lawyer told a local news outlet that the Romanian government has no case. Tate’s lawyer at the time told Tucker Carlson of Fox News that the detention was proper under Romanian law, but its application was a human rights violation.

“This is sanctioned under their laws…However, I think the way it is being applied in this case is completely a violation of international human rights law.”

Andrew Tate’s Crime of Crypto and Bitcoin Shilling

Tate is a former kickboxer who formed the online Hustler’s University to teach wealth-building. He previously said that, unlike other influencers, Hustler’s University actually tells people when to buy and sell crypto. However, one student dismissed the course as having little benefit beyond the basics of crypto investing.

Tate previously said that Bitcoin was superior to cash. However, he has been accused of being a scammer and has denied promoting certain memecoins on social media. He accused Twitter followers of creating a memecoin called $sluts based on a joke he made.

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Some respondents argued the coin was part of a strategy to create generational wealth. Others labeled him a “serial scammer.” The $sluts promotion had the hallmarks of a rug-pull, including an airdrop, buy calls, and tweets.

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